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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 6/28/17

1) $NTNX signs partnership with Google (18.64) “Game Changer for the company imo” They needed this
Stock gapping up +.1.50 I love the news, BUT i need some gap fill first before getting in strong. I like to see if this pops huge at open to $22+ then I will be eyeing the pullback on it, if this pulls at all at open to $19-$19.25 or under I would be going LONG on it no doubt!!!
2) *****$IDXG signs national contract with Aetna (.85) Co. WILL now be a part of Aetnas Laboratory Network “Former Runner”
Stock gapping up .15 This news is to me is HUGE! Worth a .15 cent risk to play, 1.5mil shares Traded already. Took a few long myself at .99 lets see how it opens if this pops and flags looking for $1.50-$2 on it. If it pulls will add on dips to .90 and under risk to .80 on it.
I have to try on this kind of news
3) $AVAV Earnings Miss (32.49)
Stock gapping down -$2.25 2 ways to play this, we go LONG at the open and push to $31-$31.50 on gap fill short covering then look for an all day fader on it, or this pulls hard at open to $27.50-$28.50 and we play a nice 2 point bottom bounce on it.
4) $CY Barclays up Equal weight to Overweight rating with $18PT ups it from $14 (13.20)
Stock gapping up +.50 would consider taking a small amount here long at $13.65 area add on dips at the open looking for this to touch $14.50-15+ on this call
5) $GBT EMA has announced GBT440 is eligible Priority Medicines Program (27.50)
Stock gapping up +$2.50 I like to see this pop a little at open then look for this to slow fade gap fill to $28.25 and under on profit taking, I think a lot of bagholders will want to take profits, if this pulls hard at open to $28.25 at open scale in small long see if this gets going back to pre-market highs, Higher the pop at open better the pullback
6) $CBI Multiple PT and ratings Most Neutral between $21-$24PT (20.02) Beautiful Overnight Congratulations to PhilD for o/n
Stock gapping up +$1 I like to see a quick pop at open if it comes to $21.50-$22 then a nice sell off profit taking to $20.50 and under then look for bottom curl then some continuation towards $22 on it. Nice volume nice gap up should have fun today with range
7) $AAOI I will by the weakness on this stock today and add to my swing (58.44)
Stock gapping up +$1 I like to see a nice push out of the gate to $61 area if it comes and if it pulls hard at open to $57 area I will add to my swing idea, If market holds nice I would like to see this have a decent push to $61-$62 on it today
8) $BLUE small offering at $105 Price (106.90)
Stock gapping down -$1.25 I would actually go long some at $104.50 add on dips if they come and look for this to fill quick and move to $107-$110 possibly today on it.

9) $NVDA Another upgrade to $174 PT with Tier 3 Analyst (146.58)
Stock gapping up +$3 pts I like to see this pop at open thru $150-$151 I would consider leaning into this SHORT and gap fill to $147.50 and under then grab a few long off the gap fill sell off pullback. Should have range today for us
10) $EXPE Citi Tags a BUY rating with $178PT (147.89)
Stock Gaping up +$3 I would take some SHORT here at $150.25 room to $152+ at the open look for this to gap fill to $148.50 and under then watch for bottom curl then go long. If this pulls at open then look for those areas then slow all day move to the upside on it back thru $150-$151+


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