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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 6/22/17

1) $TROV Enters a worldwide agreement with BIO company for their Test and Service (.94)
Stock gapping up +.30 I would consider taking a few here at $1.20 room to add a little at open stops at $1 I like to see this get some volume on it and possible slow move to $2+ on this news. IF this pops at open and lower lows set in right away due to lack of volume then would consider shorting this all day back to .95 cents or lower
2) $SGMO Jefferies tags a BUY rating with $17PT (8.15)
Stock gapping up +.35 would take a few here at $8.40 add on dips to $8.05 or lower carry a decent average looking for this to rebound back possibly thru $10+ spot on this upgrade, they just did an offering driving the price down stock should be bought up on this weakness.
3) $KMDA withdraws Application for its inhaled Antitryspin (7.50)
Stock gapping down -$2.10 2 ways to play this, this dumps at open below $5 to $4.75 or under scale in a few long and play a nice 1-1.5pt bounce on it. Or this pops at open slow then grab a few long and take it to $6.25+ then look to fade it.
4) $SCS Earnings Miss (16.30)
Stock gapping down -$3 I would like to see this pop a little at open possibly to $14.50-$15 on short covering then look to scale in short and do an all day fader on it, if this pulls hard at open to $12 spot or a a tad under, then look for this to do a nice 1-2pt bounce on it on short covering gap fill
5) $HAIN Earnings report done showing some upside guidance (33.16)
Stock gapping up +$2 I think any pop at open is a SHORT I would be looking for this to gap fill to $33 and under before going LONG on it, if this yanks at open to $33.50 area look to go LONG on it and all day slow move back thru $35. I think the higher this pops at open if it does would give all of us a better range to short this on
6) $ORCL Earnings Beat and Guidance (46.33)
Stock gapping up +$5.50 $ORCL tends to gill their gaps on Earnings before legging up, so I would consider taking a few short heere at $52 with room to add at the open to $53.50 if it comes then watch for topping on it then look to fade thie gap to at least $48.50 area or under, stock has range for us so watch for the pop and lower lows set in then nail that short
7) $WB “Chatter” that regulators “MAY” have ordered the company to halt video/audio content (76.96)
Stock gapping down -$8 I actually think this will be bought up on weakness pretty quick, a lot of May’s and Chatter..Hmmm think we take a few at $68 using WIDE range at open to $65 area I think this will end up closing around $70-$72 so watch for buyers to come in on this, at the open and this to be bought on weakness….remember more the pull better the bounce on it
8) $SINA getting slammed on $WB news (91.93)
Stock gapping dwon -$8 I would consider taking some LONG at the open small amount and see if this pops back slow to $88+ at the open if this pulls hard at open look for that $80-$81 area as a buying opportunity and bounce this back up and be bought on WB weakaness
9) $APOG Earnings Beat (57.74)
Stock gapping up +$3 I would consider shorting this for a fade so any pop at open would scale in SHORT higher it pops better the fade, I like to see grab a few at open watch for lower lows then look for this to fade back on profit taking to $58 and under, higher it pos better the fade
10) $NVS Drug becomes first to Prevent Heart Attacks and strokes (82.56)
Stock Gaping up +3 I would like to see this end up fading off so watch any short squeeze at the open then look to possibly fade this back to $83.50 and under. Higher it pops better the fade but if this begins to pull right at open short it to $83.50 and under

Notable Calls:

$SPLK Upgraded to BUY from Guggenheim $70PT from $69 ($57.13) Short the $58.50-$59 pop at open look to gap fill that back to $57.50 and under then go long on it

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