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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 6/19/17

1) $MYO Looking for continuation on this low floater (14.45)
Stock gapping up +$4.05 Nice gap up, look for this to pop outta of the gate an possibly squeeze towards $20 then eye a decent pullback to $14 and under then consider taking a few LONG for a nice slow move on it all day like Friday, if this dumps at open watch the bottom curl then take a few long. Should be fun like on Friday from $10.50 to $18.20
2) $BVXV entered into Finance Contract with European Bank for the financing of the companies expected cost ($7.80)
Stock gapping up +.70 I like this to pop at open possibly thru $9 then look for a nice gap fill to $8 and under then bottom curl it then look to go long, if this pulls at open to $8 and under look for a nice slow all day move to the upside. Can/will get going with decent volume
3) $TRIP Credit Suisse d/g to Underperform with $34PT (37.91)
Stock gapping down -.91 would actually take a few SHORT at $37.10 with room to add on any pop at the open look for this to touch $35.50-$36 today on this downgrade.

4) $JD Gapping up on update on Anniversary Sales (38.17) JD Always always always always fills their gap
Stock gapping up +$1.75 would take a few SHORT ay $39.70 area with room to add at the open to $41 watch for topping then look for this to fade off all day, if this pulls at open on lower lows begin to set in just get in their and SHORT it and fade it all the way back to $38.40 and under.

5) $SGEN Discontinuing Phase 3 CASCADE (64.52)
Stock gapping down -$7 I like to see this pop a little at open to $61-$62 so maybe consider taking a few LONG for the open, However if this pulls at the open to $54-$55 consider scaling in a little more long and look for a nice 3-5pt bounce off the bottom on it.
6) $PI Morgan Stanley tags a Equal weight and lowers the PT to $51 (55.71)
Stock gapping down -$1.30 would take a few short here at $54.50 with wide range and room to $56 at the open on short covering and look for this to have a nice all day fader to $52.50 or under, think this gets hurt today on this downgrade

7) $AAOI Gaping up on Market being up (62.88)
Stock gapping up +$2 I like to see this pop at open a little more possibly thru $66 then scale in SHORT and look for a nice gap fill back to $63 and under then look for bottom curl then go long. If this pulls at open fast to same area look for bottom curl then go long on it. Should be fun for range today

8) $CLVS Phase 3 positive (59.97) Nice swing idea from last week below $60 to go LONG today is payday
Stock gapping up +$32 I like to see this pop a little more at open possibly to $95+ scale in SHORT and I think we get a nice 10-15pt pull on it on profit taking. Be patient with this, once this pulls we will get the pull down on it. Expect multiple upgrades and NEW PTs to be issued today. I think the news is great but so many bag holders will want to cash out on it

9) $TSRO Down on $CLVS Positive Phase 3 (144.31)
Stock gapping down -$15 I would take a few LONG at $130 with room to add wide range look for $125 as bottom imo I like to see this rebound back to $138-$140 area. If this pulls hard use wide range and look for the $120-$125 as bottom should be fun on the bounce
10) $VRX John Paulson elected to the board (12.66)
Stock Gapping up +.80 I like to see this pop a little at open then look for a gap fill to $12.75 area if it comes take a few long look for small rebound back to $13.50 Pre-Market highs if this pull at open to same are on a quick snap take a few LONG on it and play and all day slow move to the upside

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