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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 6/15/17

1) $HTGM Nice Pr with Qiagen after hours, Holding the gap nice (3.15) Bought 3k at $3.95 sold 1/2 at $4.35 yesterday holding rest
Stock gapping up +.90 I would like to see this pop at open thru $4.50 top around $5+ then look for this to have a nice fade on it. If it pulls at open and snaps & doesn’t stick above $4.20 and move then just short it back all day long. This is a Former runner so we have room and its News/Pr like this that keep the sheep chasing. (Hence why the stock is up today still)
2) $SKLN Their Streamway System got approval of the CE Mark in Europe (1.63) Former Runner
Stock gapping up .30 would actually take a few LONG here at $1.91 with room to add on any pullback at open stops at $1.65 firm I like to see this run thru $2+ at the open if we get it small pullback the possible all day runner towards $3 IF we get the volume and the blocks, Between $HTGM and $SKLN these 2 will get the most attention today
3) $LAKE Nice earning beat (11.85) Trading this, gaping up on NO volume just MM’s holding it up
Stock gapping up +$1.15 I would like to see a small pop at open then look for this to top off around $13-$13.50 then look for a quick short gap fill it back to $12 and under then look for this to go LONG for an all day slow move back thru $13-$13.50 wait for this to set up.
4) $GDX Gold I like this to continue to the downside looking for $21 and under on it. (22.22)
Stock gapping down, with gold on the decline today and markets down, this should continue to the downside. Would consider fading some NUGT and JNUG and long a few DUST and JDST keep stops in line don’t get too crazy easy money was made yesterday but with GDX being down we may get a nice pull on it today
5) $EPZM MultipleĀ upgrades today Raymond James at $21 and Citi at $22 (12.35)
Stock gapping down -.40 would take some here at $11.95 room to add at the open on any pullback to $10.95 hold a nice average think once this bottoms out expect a nice slow move to $13-$13.50 on this move. Yesterday this had a big move so if you choose to just wait on it and let it pull at open with these upgrades stock should have a significant push to the upside
6) *$KR Guides lower (30.28)
Stock gapping down -$4 2 ways to play this,. Pop a little at open to $28+ then look for this to fade off. I think shorts will cover and get this up, something to consider, However if this pulls to $25 and under GO LONG I believe funds, and pensions will begin buying into this with size on the bottom
7) $LN Signed a Memo with Toyota (TM) to explore business opportunitiesĀ (35.38)
Stock gapping up +$2.75 I would consider taking some SHORT here at $37.75 with room to $39 at the open then look for this to gap fill back to $36 and under or lower, I feel with lack of volume on this, this should end up selling off and fill the gap on it.

8) *******************$AVXS Citi Tags a $100PT on this (71.14)
Stock gapping up +$4.40 I would take some SHORT here at $75.25+ area room to $77 on this at the open then look for this gap to get filled nicely back to $72 and under then consider going long, this is a nice short opportunity up here on the gap so let it get filled first before going long.
9) $NUE Guides lower (Hot rolled products have been challenging they said (59.11)
Stock gapping down -$2.75 2 ways this pops at open to $58.50.75 area then scale in SHORT and fade this all day after the short covering gap fill, or this pulls hard at open to $54 and under then we take a few long play a 2 point bounce then look to short it for an all day fader on it.
10) $JBL Earnings Beat (30.63)
Stock Gapping up +.75 I like to see small pop at open on this gap up to $31.75-$32+ area then look for this to gap fill back to $30.80 and under on it, if this pulls at open and dumps to same area at $30.80 or under go long and look for this to reclaim $31.50-$32 plus
Notable Calls:

$AAOI gaping down on market weakness (60.95) gaping down -$2 would consider taking a few LONG at $58.75 area room to $57 at open then look for a quick bounce on it for 2-4 pts then look for this to fade off if market stays red. I think with market down this will create new opportunity for other investors to get in on this stock at a reasonable price with market being pulled today

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