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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 6/14/17

1) $MTBC announce launch of new platform to support cont growth (1.54) SO STUPID!!!
Stock gapping up +.45 I would take a few here at $1.90 area stock has room to $2.25-$2.50 + at the open I think its a thin enough float to get this rocking look for a decent pullback with bottom curl around the $1.70 area if it comes then could end up ripping the watch for mid day topping then we can get the fade, news is so stupid but with lack of plays today this could get some love.
2) $MBOT Granted US patent which covers a device for prevention of shunt stenosis (2.11)
Stock gapping up .20 would take a few here long at $2.18 risk .10 cents a lot of eyes on this one today news with a new patent could get this ramped up again so watch for any initial pop outta of the gate we will need the volume but give this gap up could see a nice pop flag an decent move with volume to $2.90 spot, lets see how it opens.
3) $BKD getting closer to a potential deal with Zhuoye Group (14.07)
Stock gapping up +$1.50 I would prefer to short this here at $15.50 area with room to add more, I think this will eventually just sell off and we can get a full point on it, more it pops at open better the short for us all. I don’t like the words “Getting closer to a deal” or “Potential deal” both of those sound like a false pop
4) $AAOI Gaping up on Craig Hallum strong not and $85 PT (63.85)
Stock gapping up +$1.50 Craig Hallum has some I would take this gap up short at $65 with room to add at the open I will be looking for pop and then look to gap fill this back to $64 and under could even go as low as $62 area before we get a nice bounce on it. But overall fill the gap first before the leg up

5) ******$NDRM Oppenheimer Tags a $42 PT raises to Outperform (24.90) ****SWING IDEA ******
Stock gapping up +$1.55 I would take some short here at $26.50 room to $27.50 at the open then look for this to gap fill nicely back to $24.50-$25 (looks like to me they bought into this a couple days ago so be aware once this begins to sell off on the gap) and under look for this to have a nice move on it all day to $27-$28 once this gets going. I like the call and the nice range
6) *$HRB Beats and increases dividend (26.99) HRB always fills their gaps to many bag holders hold this stock
Stock gapping up $3 would take some short around $29.50 area room to add at the open look for this to have lower lows to set in and gap fill this back to $27.50 or under then bottom curl then go long.
7) ***$QSR Oppenheimer Tags a Outperform Rating with $70 PT (57.42)
Stock gapping up +.70 cents I would like to see this pop at open to $58.50-$59 scale in short and gap fill this back to $57.50 and under then look to go long on it. If this dumps at open to $57.25 area or under scale in LONG on it
8) $ALXN NEW CFO from BIIB joining company (108.00)
Stock gapping up +$6 I would like to see this pop a little more at open possibly to $115-$116 area then look for some topping and gap fill this pullback to $112 and under on it then watch for bottom curl then go LONG, NEWS is great for the company but needs to gap fill first before legging up imo
9) $NVDA Goldman raises PT to $171 (151.40)
Stock gapping up +2.00 I would look for this to sell off at open and fill the gap and then some would look to buy a few in the $150 area add on dips and look for a nice 3-5pt play to the upside on it
10) $WDC Gaping up on no news(90.05)
Stock Gapping up +$1.00 wait for the small pop and pull back then take a few long at $89-$$90 then go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside


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