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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 5/8/17

1)  $AXSM  receives Fast Track (3.50)
Stock gapping up +.60 This should be a just a pop and all day fader back to $3.65 and under so look for any chase outta of the gate as a short opportunity if you like you can take a few here at $4.50 room to $5.50 if it comes short and look to fade this PR

2) $TXMD  Receives CRL Letter (4.67)
Stock gapping down -.67 this is bad for the company look for this to fade even more, Let this open, if this pops at open to $4.25-$4.40 on short covering scale in SHORT for an all day fader on it, if this pulls hard at open to $3.50 and under play a .50-80 cent bounce on it

3) $HZNP  Miss on Earnings and Guidance (15.58)
Stock gapping down -$5 2 ways to play this, this pops some at open chase a few on short covering to $12+ then look to refade it, or this pull shard at open to $9 an under then go long and play a nice 2-2.5point bounce on it, this should give us range today just see how it opens to determine the play for us just be patient

4) $PETS  Earnings Beat (24.22) Trading thin
Stock gapping up +$3.00 I like actually take a few here SHORT at $27 wide range to $29+ at the open then look for a gap fill pullback to $25 and under on profit taking then look for bottom curl and go long, if this dumps at open on profit taking look for that $25-$25.50 area to scale in LONG on it for an all day slow move to the upside

5) ***$TOCA  Piper Tags a BUY rating with $24PT (17.40)
Stock gapping up +.60 on thin volume should actually pop at open to $18.50-$19 then scale in SHORT gap fill it back to $17.70 and under then take a few LONG look for an all day slow move to the upside, if this pulls at open to same area and under look to scale in LONG on it

6) ****$OLN  BofA Tags a BUY rating $40PT (29.52)
Stock gapping up +$1.00 I like the call so wait for the quick pop at open to $31-$31.50+ area then watch for a nice short gap fill pullback on it back to

7) $TSEM  Earnings Beat (21.35)
Stock gapping up +$1.50 look for this to small pop at open then look for a nice gap fill fade on it on profit taking to $21.75 and under then scale in long if this pulls at the open to the same area look for bottom curl then go LONG

8) $TSN  Earnings Miss (63.33)
Stock gapping down -$1.10 I like to see this pull at open to $60-$61 then play a nice 1-1.5 pt bounce on it then go LONG if this pops at open back thru $63 scale in SHORT for an all day fader

9) $SHOP Gapping up on NO NEWS (85.53)
Stock gapping up +$2 I would take a few here short at $87.50 area add on any poop outta of the gate to $89 area if it comes then look for a nice pullback on it gap fill to $85.50 an under then go long, normally gaps like this get filled first before going up

10) $STMP  Pitney Bowes a new cloud based offering (112.20)
Stock gapping down -$12 I actually would take some here at $98-$99 LONG and play a nice 5 point bounce at the open, if taking look for wide range and allow to $95 at the open, no matter what I think this will gap fill and bounce back before going lower on it

Notable Calls:

$AAOI Gaping up +$1.25 (56.96) Look for continuation on this towards $60 so look to buy any pullback on it at the open and watch for small curl then go LONG for slow move to $60 more it pulls better the range

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