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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 4/3/17

1)  $STDY   favorable outcome of Partes Review (5.80)
Stock gapping up +$2.70 would like to see a pop at open to $9-$9.50+ then watch for lower lows to set in. I think this is a fader back to $6.50-$7 and under so watch for the set-up. A lot of bag holders will want to cash out in this news this morning

2) $DVAX  PR on informing on upcoming meeting with FDA (5.95)  REALLY???  REALLY up on this crap
Stock gapping up $1.00 any pop at open to me is a short, so would take a few at $7.20 with room to $7.75-$8+ then look to shred this back to $6.25 and under imo

3) $APOP received formal notice of grant patent (8.60)  Really??? Really?  
Stock gapping up +$2 I would be scaling in SHORT at $10.40 with room to add on any popping towards $11 at open look to fade this all the way back to $9 an under imo

4) $NVCR   announce second Phase 2 Pilot trial (8.10)  This is just stupid being up this much
Stock gapping up +$5.70  imo this $13.75 would be starter short with room to $15 at the open. I just do not see this holding up this high, I think a nice sell of to $10 and under will come right after any initial pop so watch for it. You need to let this set in as a short cause the volume is big but I just don’t think it will last

5) $ACOR   Multiple downgrades this morning seeing a lot of $19-$21’s  (21.00)
Stock gapping down -$1. 2 ways this pops at open to $21-$22 then watch for topping then all day fader on it, if this pulls hard at open to $18 area or under I would consider a nice 1-1.5pt bounce on it

6) $MPEL   Barrons Positive over the weekend with MACAU #’s plus says its the cheapest play of the 3-4 major casino’s (18.54)
Stock gapping up +.40  Watch any pop at open thru $19-$19.50+ area then look for a nice short on a gap fill back to $18.65 and under, then look for a nice 1 point play to the upside, higher it goes better the pullback then watch for bottom curl for a nice slow long on it

7)  ****$LOXO   Morgan Stanley Tags a BUY rating with $59 PT (42.08) I like this call for a swing idea May 45calls
Stock gapping up none. I would like to see this pop at open to $43-$44 at open, then look for a nice gap fill pullback short on it to $42.30 or under, then scale in some LONG for an all day slow move to $45-$46 on this call. If you can get some now at $42.30 add on dips. I think you will be all good on this call.

8) $KITE  positive PR on ZUMA (78.49)
Stock gapping up +$4 I like to see this small pop at open to $84-$85, watch for topping then look to pullback this back to $80 and under on gap fill then look for bottom curl then long. Higher it pops at open better the pullback on it, if this pulls hard at open to $79.50 or under go LONG on it

9) $UTHR   regulatory delays of US launch of RemoSynch (135.38)
Stock gapping down -$16  I would take a few here LONG at $119.50 have room to $115 wide wide stops, look for a nice bounce play to $123-$125 at the open. I think this will give us a nice bounce for 4-6pts. Keep an eye at the open may have to chase a few

10) *TSLA  up on numbers (278.30)
Stock Gapping up +$11 I would take a few SHORT at $289 with room to add at open to $292, watch for topping then gap fill this back to $284-$285, then scale in LONG. I like the PR/News but I need this to fade a little before leg up on it

Notable Calls:

$AKTX  (11.07) gapping down -.60 I actually think this will bounce on any significant pullback so watch for it, if it pops at open thru $11-$11.50 let if fly then watch for the pullback you can short it if you like then look for a nice bottom curl on it should be fun to see how this play out today

$WYNN  Gapping up +$3 on Macau Numbers (114.61) Look for pop at open to $118.50-$120 then scale in a few SHORT an ride this back down to $115.50-$116 I think this is good for 2-3pts to the downside after any initial pop at open, should be fun. I cannot believe we all had this at $89 45 days ago

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