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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 4/12/17

1)  $NADL  Continuation from Yesterday (2.70)
Stock gapping up +.70 I like to see this have a move to $4-$5 today so I o/n at $2.86 avg sold at $3.30-$3.44 and $3.51 Now I will wait for the pop and pullback and curl and find a nice re-entry and let it run for the day back to highs

2) $SAEX   signs 3 year agreement with Hocol (5.44) Former Runner
Stock gapping up $1.80  I like to see this pop at open to $7.5 or under then I will be eyeing a decent pullback on it to $5.80 or under at the open then look for bottom curl then go long. This needs some volume to really kick start it but for now will need it to set up at the open before getting to excited.  May just pop and fizzle and fade off all day. We will see

3) $NOVN   positive Phase 2 results (5.20)
Stock gapping up +$4  I like to see this pop at open back thru $9-$10+ if if does let it rip should top off quick at the open then I will be being a nice slow fader back to $6.50 or under. This is Phase 2 so normally we get a pop and slow fader on it. Keep an eye on any upgrades that may come in from Cown, Piper and few others. Should be fun

4) $BBRY   wins 800+ Million from QCOM (7.70)
Stock gapping up +$1.50  2 ways this will have a small pop at open then look to fade this back on profit taking to $$8.50 and under, Remember they don’t have the money yet. This is just a win in arbitration. I think investors will want to cash out on this, so watch for it

5) *$AFSI  This is being defended at SunTrust  “REIT” $28PT (15.30)
Stock gapping up +.70 I would take some here LONG at $16 with room to add on any pullback I think we get a nice pop, flag and possible push to $17+ on this, so watch for a short squeeze on this. More it pulls better for us on the long side if it does but $16 is a nice starter imo

6) ***$VNDA  Gets a Outperform with $21PT (13.60) Bottom play
Stock gapping up +.20 Have a few at $13.805 will add on dips and any pullback at the open looking for a nice move to $15+ on this trade

7) $CNTF  Up on Earnings (1.91)
Stock gapping up +$1.40 I like to see this pop at open to $4-$4.50 if it does look for lower lows to set in typically earnings plays on small caps stocks tend to sell off all day fader to $2.25 or lower. So watch for any lower lows to set in

8) $FAST  Earnings Miss (50.34)
Stock gapping down -$2.70  2 ways I would like to see pull fast at open to $45-$46 or under then scale in LONG for a nice 1-3pt gap fill short covering on it more it pulls better the play for us, if this pops at open back thru $49 let it push then look to scale in SHORT for an all day fader back to lows

9) ************$NBIX   FDA approval on INGREZZA (41.48)
Stock gapping up +$13pts  OK now this has room to $54-$55 at the open then look to scale in a few short small amount look for a nice profit taking pullback to $45-$47 NBIX typically does not hold their gap ups too well, so IMO I think this will fade quite a bit on range so watch for topping when it does scale in a few and ride it down. SHOULD BE FUN

10) $TSCO  Issues Horrible Guidance (70.47)  JPMorgan slashed its PT from $88 to $67
Stock Gapping down -$3  2 ways this pulls hard at open to $65 area or under then play a nice 2-3pt bounce on it, or this pops at open short covers to $69.50+ scale in SHORT for an all day fader on it

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