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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 3/31/17

1)  $AKTX  FDA grants Fast Track (6.98)
Stock gapping up +$1.50 Typically Fast Tracks get sold off so watch for a pop at open to possibly $8.75-$9.25 then look to scale in SHORT and fade this back to $7.15 or lower. Watch for lower lows to set in on this

2) $CBIO  Gaping up on no news (9.24)
Stock gapping up $1.20 I like to see quick pop at open if it comes to $11+ then look for a nice sell off at open to $9.50 an under then look for a quick pop back possibly thru $11 this will be fast  before it actually begins to fade off

3) $SORL   Earnings positive (3.25)
Stock gapping up +$1.15 Like to see a pop at open thru $5-$5.50+ then look for lower lows to set in then possibly fade on it all day, this has a lot of bag holders holding in the 3’s so watch for a possibly slow fader back to those lows after initial pop

4) ***$EXEL  Needham Tags a $28PT Buy Rating (21.20)
Stock gapping up +.18 would take a few here LONG at $21.38 add on dips look for a nice move to possibly $22.50-$23 on this upgrade this morning

5) $BOFI   Money Laundering issues + they made a defense (27.58)
Stock gapping down -$1  I would watch this at open if this pull even a slight this could flush to $25 or under at the open fast before it bounces, if this pops at open it may just do a slow gap fill back to $27.25+ before looking to begin to fade, we will need to see how this reacts at the open.

6) ***************************$SAGE  Goldman Tags a BUY rating with $103PT from $64 (64.83) HUGE!!!!  SWING IDEA
Stock gapping up +$2.25 I like to see this pop a little more at open to $68-$69 then wait for this to gap fill down back to $65.25 area or under then scale in LONG on it, I would even consider taking some at $66 if it hits just to get a starter on it and BUY and hold or play $70-$75 May Calls

7)  $LULU   Possible bounce play keep an eye (50.76)
Stock gapping up +.70  I would like to see small pop at open to $52-$53 then watch for slow fader to lows below $50 if this pull hard at open to $49 area and under look for a nice 1-2pt short covering bounce

8) $FMC   M and A news with Dupont (61.50)
Stock gapping up +$10 I would like to see any pop at open to $72-$73+ area, look for a slow 2-4pt fader on it, if this opens with a sigh pull would take a few short and slow fade it to $69-$70 let see how it reacts at the open

9) $CVS  Blueshield terminate specialty Pharmacy services (78.85)
Stock gapping down -$1.30 I like to see this pop some at open, try and get thru $78-$78.50 then look for a lower low to set in and look for a fade to $75-$76 if this pulls hard at open to that area play the slow all day bounce back to $77-$78

10) ************$DEO  Goldman Tags a SELL rating on this (116.11) Cannot locate any PT on this however
Stock Gapping down -$1.00 would consider taking some here SHORT at $115.49 area then look to add on any pop then look for this to have a slow fader to $112 or under today…should be fun on range to the downside

Notable Calls:

$CNAT  Yesterday afternoon Pig (5.92) Watch for a possible pop and pull then slow move to possibly $7 today, wait for this to set up, if this pulls hard at open nail it long

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