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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 3/30/17

1)  $HTGM  Gaping up on stupid news and and active stake being lowered (6.55)
Stock gapping up +.50  we are in a stupid market with stupid news but this is a former runner so keep an eye on it. Would consider taking a few at $6.50-$6.65 level as a piece and see if it launches towards $8 at the open

2) $BVXV  receives grant for vaccine candidate (5.67)  Really  I mean really on a Grant…OMG!!!
Stock gapping up Stupid (2.50) this thing ran to $9+ crazy. I think its a pop and fade so if it shoot out of the gate I would look for this to pop again watch for lower lows to set in and look to fade this news back to $6 and under

3) $EXTR  Broadcom enters agreement to sell its data Center (6.46)
Stock gapping up +$1.40  I like to see this pop at open to $8-$8.50+ area then look for a small pullback then possible flag and run with some volume. If this pulls hard at open and sells off to $6.80 or under grab a few long, let this set up at the open so we can see how to attack it

4) $OMER  Phase 2 data positive (14.54)
Stock gapping up +$1.00 I like this one to pop at open to $16+ then watch for topping on it I think this ends up gap filling back to $14.75 or under so watch for it. If this pulls at open to same area look to play the bounce back to pre-market highs

5) *************$ESPR  UBS Tags a BUY rating with $52PT (34.79)
Stock gapping up +$2 I like the call just need the standard pop at open then look for the gap fill pullback to $35.25 and under then grab a few LONG look for an all day slow move to $38+

6) $WOR  Earnings Miss (50.63)
Stock gapping down -$4  2 ways I like this to pull at open to $44 or under then play a nice 2-3pt bounce on it. If this pops at open on gap fill let it run to $48-$49 area then scale in SHORT on it for an all day slow fader

Stock gapping down -$15  I would actually take some here at $51.77 with room to $50 at open and look for this to short cover back to $54-$55 area before shorting again. I think this will bounce so be patient with it has a lot of room to bounce, so look for it to cover some to $55+ area if it comes

8) $CYBR   Goldman Sachs and MS both tag a BUY rating GS has $64PT (50.15)
Stock gapping up +$1.80 I like to see this pop at open some to $52.50+ then look to gap fill it and fade to $51 and under then watch for bottom curl then scale in LONG on it for a nice slow move back to highs, if this pulls hard at open to same are then go long. $50.50 would be a nice entry

9) $HAWK  Interesting one to Watch Gapping up on small volume (40.70)
Stock gapping up +$9 now $3 I would wait for the sell off at open to $41.25 and under and scale in some LONG on it, something is going on and I would like to play a few and see if we can get 2-4pts to the long side

10) ************$UTHR   UBS Tags a sell rating with $112PT (138.76)
Stock Gapping down -$1.76 any pop at open  I would get in their and look to short this to $125 today or under, I think this stock get hit pretty hard on this call so be patient like $FFIV yesterday if this dumps hard at open to $130 or under play the 2-4pt bounce then look to short it for all day bleeder

Notable Calls:

$ANY   Took some long at .25  Awarded 3million dollar contract (.22) Bottom play will see if this has some fun in it today to .40-.50 cent we will see

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