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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 3/21/17

1)  $AUPH  Look for continuation now that offering is finished (8.78)
Stock gapping up +.50 I like to see small pop at open then followed by a decent gap fill pullback would be nice to get it back to $8.50-$8.75 then scale in LONG for another all day in it with volume it hit $9.48 this morning stock has room today

2) $PTIE  receives positive guidance from FDA (.68)  imo this is Bag Holder central should be good for SHORTS
Stock gapping up +.60 up over +50% on this news, look for sheep who don’t listen to buy this at the open and pop it, look for lower lows to set in then look to fade this all day for an all day fader on it. Should top off around $1.25-$1.50 if it pops at open

3) $CSIQ  Earnings Disaster Again (13.55)
Stock gapping down -.60 would take a few here SHORT at $12.90 with room to add at open then look for topping and all day fader on it back to pre-market lows and lower. If it pulls and lower lows begin to set in then just fade it all day to $11 and under

4) $FRAN nice Earnings Beat but issued downside guidance  (15.53)
Stock gapping up +1.65 I like to see this pop a tad more at open to $17.50-$18+ then watch for topping on it then gap fill some back to $16 and under on profit taking and down side guidance, I think this will sell off after the initial pop so watch for topping

5) $ESPR   JPM Tags a BUY rating with $50Pt and now Citi with $77PT wow per Igor not on wires yet (41.22)
Stock gapping up +$3.30 I like to see this pop a little more at open to $45-$46 then look for some decent pullback on it to $42.50-$43 then take a few lon on the curl and go long for an all day slow move again to the upside possibly to $48-$49 today

6) $ACIA Gaping down on No news (54.09)
Stock gapping down -$2 I would take a few here at $52.50 LONG add on any pullback look for this to pop and gap fill at open back to $54-$54.50 then possible pullback and fade on it. No reason for this to be down but it is so look for a pop at open first.

7)  $VSR  Interesting news JV with JCI awarded 950mil 5yr contract (1.13)
Stock gapping up +.45 very interesting, not sure if this will hold up, normally a size contract like this, the stock would be $5 not $1.60 so lets see if this pops at open on morning chaser thru $2-$2.50 then eye some topping on it and maybe we get the all day bleeder on it. If this pulls at open wait for bottom curl then go long on it.

8) $SILC    Major New Design Win With $17m Orders in Hand, Projected Annual Sales > $30m. Stock up big. (38.71)
Stock gapping up +$8 I like to see this pop a little more at open on short squeeze possibly to $48+ on this news, then look for topping think this gap fills back to $43 or under on profit taking. More this pops at open better the fade for us, so let it push, if this starts to pull at open chase it down to $42 and under.

9) $MNST  JPM Tags a Buy rating with $56PT (46.80)
Stock gapping up +$.50 I would take a few LONG at $47.27 add on any dip at opening then look for a nice solid move all day to $48-$40 on this call, if this pulls at open and gap fills to $47 and under go LONG on it and enjoy a slow ride to the upside

10) $NBIX   Phase 3 met its endpoint per article (43.89)
Stock Gapping up +$1.50 I like to see a pop at open then a decent pullback on it to $44.25 and under look for bottom curl then scale in LONG on it, if this pulls at open to same are scale in LONG if this is phase 3 this should pop and flag and push outta of the gate and move higher with potential upgrades to follow

Notable Calls:

$Coty initiated with an Underweight at JPMorgan
JPMorgan analyst Andrea Teixeira started Coty with an Underweight rating and $16 price target citing acquisition integration challenges. This is a SHORT (19.15)  try to get any at $19 area look for an all day fader SHORT to $17 and under

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