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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 3/20/17

1)  $MEET   Canaccord Tags a BUY rating with $10PT (5.19)
Stock gapping up +.25 would take a few here at $5.35 LONG add on any pop and dip at the open to $5.25 or under, look for this to hit $6.50-$7 on this call either today or by Weds the latest.

2) $GNMX  Fail  (5.44)
Stock gapping down -$2.25 2 ways, if this pulls at open to $1.755-$1.80 play a nice +$1 bounce on it, the morning it pulls better the range for us to go LONG on the bounce, if this starts to pop at open chase a few thru $3+ on short covering then watch for topping on it and fade it back to lows.

3) $ARRY  withdraw on discussions with FDA (10.56)
Stock gapping down -$1 Nice recovery this morning already, however I like to see this pop a little more then possible fader back to $8 or under, a lot of mixed results here. I see even JPM maxing $9PT on this, I personally think this should fade back to $8.50 or lower today, so lets see how it reacts at the open, if  this pulls hard then lets go long on it on bottom curl

4) **********************************$FEYE BofA Tags a $18PT BUY RATING (10.73)  Broken down stock
Stock gapping up +.75 This is MY top dog today with size, I want this BAD!!!! SO I will wait for the pop and gap fill pullback on the bagholders look at the last 10 days alone….tons of bagholders and NO one knew this was coming, I want this with size below $11 then I can swing this to $12-$13 by today or tomorrow or tad more.

5) $NKTR Phase 3 achieved its Primary Endpoint (15.50)
Stock gapping up +$3.30  2 ways this pops at open to $20+ then watch for topping then slow fader back to $17.50-$18 or under, or this sells off at open to $16.50 area and we scale in LONG for an all days slow move to the upside.

6) $CTMX  announce collaboration with BMY (15.18)  Collaborations normally sell off keep that in mind
Stock gapping up +$5 I think in the end this will fade back to $17 and under, so if this pops at open to $21.50-$22 area watch carefully for topping then look for this to top off and begin to fade, I like this to slowly fade all day back to $17 area or under, this is up way to much…wait for this to set up, if this begins to slowly fade off at open on lower lows scale in SHORT and fade it.

7)  $ESPR  BIG Rebound on Fresh data (23.67)
Stock gapping up +$6.70 WOW!!! Now that this has fully recovered I would look to scale in some short at $32 with room to $32.50-$33 at open. I think we have some serious profit taking going to pull this back to $26-$27 area so watch how this reacts at open this may be a chase type play to the downside, but expect some serious cashing out at the open imo, otherwise this will just pop and grind all day from $30-$31

8) $MOV  Disappointing Earnings (23.60)
Stock gapping down -$2 I like this to sell off at open and try and pull to $20 an under and we play a nice 1pt bounce on it, if this pops at open to $23+ area at all on gap fill then look for this to fade all the way back to $20-$21 on an all day fader.

9) $LPLA   Goldman Sachs add this to Conviction BUY list with $47PT (40.31)
Stock gapping up +$1.70 I like to see this pop a little more at open to $42.50-$43, then scale in SHORT gap fill it to $40.50 or under, then scale in LONG for a nice all day slow move back to pre-market highs, should be fun today but needs to fill the gap first

10) $MDCO  gapped up on rebounce to $51 this morning (48.38)
Stock Gapping none. I would take a few here LONG at $48.38 area add on any pullback or dips to $46.50 if it comes then look for this to move slowly back to $51 area. Should be fun heading back up to $51 with volume

Notable Calls:

$WDAY  BofA Tags a BUY rating with $96PT (84.96) would wait for the pop at open to $86 then look for a gap fill pullback to $85.50 or under, then take a few long on it, then look for a nice slow move to $87-$88 on this today

$TIF  Multiple PT upgrades this morning (92.42) Gaping up +$1.50 just wait for the pop and pullback gap fill to $92.50 then go LONG on it.

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