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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 2/28/17

1)  $ROX   agreement to SELL their Ginger Beer to ALL US Walmarts (.72)
Stock gapping up +100% Expect this to get thru $2+ at the open then wait for a solid gap fill pullback to $1 and under IF it comes and then bottom curl it then lets go long again, this News is BIG for this company they have been waiting along time for this to happen with Walmart

2) $LIFE  Orphan Drug Designation (3.45)
Stock gapping up +.65 I like to see this pop at open a little more at the open prefer to see $4.50-$4.95 then watch for topping this should be an all day fader back to $3.60 or under on this call.

3) ****$CLLS   Wells Fargo Tags a BUY rating with $31-$33PT (21.38)  SWING IDEA
Stock gapping up +.35 This should pop at the open to $22-$22.50+ then watch for a nice pullback on it to $21.20 area or lower, looks like it was bought into yesterday a little, would like to see it pullback then scale in LONG look for a nice move to $23-$24 today/tomorrow on this call

4) $X  HUGE Call from Cowan raises PT to $60 from $36 (38.19) I expect others to follow with higher PT’s in the coming days
Stock gapping up +$1.00 I like to see this pop at open then look for a decent gap fill pullback to $38.50 or lower then scale in LONG and look for this to hit thru $40+ today, with tonight’s speech I think Steel is going to have a good day today. This PT is pretty big and should get X over $40+

5) ****$FSLR  Axiom Tags a SELL rating with $21PT (37.83) SHORT IDEA
Stock gapping down -$1.10 ANY pop at open look for a nice scale in SHORT for a 2-3day fader on this call, This has alot of room I like to see this hit $34-$35 today or lower on this call. If this pulls hard at open to $35 area look to play the bounce on it then watch for topping then SHORT it. If this pops at open scale in watch for topping and enjoy the ride down

6) $NTRI  Earnings Beat and Guidance (39.20)
Stock gapping up +$8 I would take some short around in Pre-Market $47 area lean into it look for a sell off to $44-$45 then watch for bottom curl then look for this to pop at open on short squeeze, I like to see this hit $48-$49+ at the open then watch for it sell off Big beat and earnings this should pop then we fade it.

7)  $INCR  Earnings Miss and Guidance (56.55)
Stock gapping down -$10  I actually would take a few LONG here at $46.50 add on dips to $44 at the open look for this to short cover to $50-$52 area then look for this to fade off for all day bleeder, if this pulls at open to $43-$44 play the nice 2-4point bounce on it.

8) $IONS  Earnings Beat (46.90)
Stock gapping up +$2  2 ways this pops a little more at open to $49.50-$50+ then look for topping on it and gap fill it back to $47.25 and under then scale in LONG on it, if this sells off and pulls at open look to same area look to go LONG for an all day slow move back to Pre-Market highs

9) $TGT  Earnings miss and horrible Guidance  52 week lows on TGT (66.91)
Stock gapping down -$9.50  2 ways look for a small move at open on short covering to $60+ then scale in short for an all day fader on it, if this pulls harder at open to $55 and under look to go LONG on it for a nice 2-4pt bounce, I expect shorts to cover today on this so watch for it.

10) $PRGO  Earnings Miss and Guidance (84.68)
Stock Gapping down -$10  2 ways to play this, this pops at open to $78-$79 on short covering+ then look for this to fade off rest of day, if this pulls hard at open to $74 and under watch for bottom on it and play the nice bounce on it. More it pulls at open better the bounce, wait for this to set up for us

Notable Calls:

$WDAY  Earnings Miss (90.19) Gaping down -$7  2 ways this pulls hard at open to $80-$81 then go long and play a nice 3-5point short covering bounce on it, if this pops at open chase a few to $87-$88 then scale in SHORT on it for all day fader.

$VRX  Earnings Miss (16.71) Gaping down -$1 I like to see this pop at open on some short covering then look for an all day bleeder on it. Should fade nice , if this pulls hard at open to $15 and under go long and play the .50-$1 bounce on it

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