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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/23/17

1) $ETRM  already a mover this morning, (7.96)  Can I have my $5.71’s back please
Stock gapping up +$1.60 I like to see this do a small pop at open followed by a nice aggressive sell off pullback at open to $8.25 or under then watch for bottom curl then scale in LONG for quick run lets see how high it can run today

2) ***$DCIX  small low floater that can run with $GLBS (3.24) Took some long at $3.35 stops at $3
Stock gapping up +.20 watch for this to possibly pop at open then look for decent pullback curl then scale in LONG for a nice whipsaws and quick pops stock has range so we will let it set up at open…should be fun

3) $GLBS  going crazy again another crazy day in it (9.70)
Stock gapping up +$2 I like to see small pop at opened  followed by a decent pullback to $9.50 or under then look for a nice quick play on it. Should be fun today with range once volume kicks in. Otherwise will just pull fade all day wait for it to set up at open

4) ****$AKAO  Guggenheim Tags a $30PT BUY Rating on this (17.55)  SWING IDEA
Stock gapping up +.75 Should have a nice day in this, you can take a few here at $18.25 with room to add at open look for a nice $17.50 dip if it comes add to your position this upgrade should get the stock $20+ today or in the next few days

5) $KATE  MM Chatter Kors possible  (17.76)
Stock gapping up +.75 Look for this to pop some at open watch for topping then possible fade on it all day More it pops at open look to fade it. If this sells off at open to $18 or under would consider going LONG and slow all day move to $19

6) **$CVE Goldman Tags a SELL rating an lowers to $13PT from $18 (14.61)
Stock gapping down none I like this call, so IF this pops at all at open I would look to fade this for an all day SHORT, watch for a snap at open to $14.25-.35 then possibly take a few SHORT add on any push then look for all day bleeder. Think this sinks all day long to $12

7)  $CLVS  Stifle Tags a BUY rating with $86PT (58.29)
Stock gapping up +$2.20 I like to see this do a small pop at open to $61+ then look for a nice gap fill pullback to $58.60 or under then look for a nice all day slow move back to highs. I like the call a lot just need this to set up and pullback before going long on it

8) $QCOM  Multiple Downgrades this morning and Neutral rating (62.88)
Stock gapping down -$3.50 2 ways this pulls at open to $56-$57 and we play the bounce on it, or this pops at open and short covers thru $60-$61 before fading back on it. I think this gets hurt today on JPM Comments but It will bottom out quickly imo

9) ***$CYNO  MM Chatter Bloomberg exploring (43.85)
Stock gapping up +$5 would consider taking a few here short at $48.50 area look for quick pop at open possibly to $50 get a nice average and watch this top off an fade all day on it. More it pops better the fade. Either way I see this giving back its gap up so be ready

10) $BMY  Most analyst today saying to buy the bottom below $50 and look for this as a BUYING opportunity (49.23)
Stock Gapping up +.50 would consider taking some long here and adding on any pull at open in the $48 area, I think this has rebound back to $50-$51 on it. Lets see how it sets up

Notable Calls:

$TDG  Multiple Upgrades/defenses this morning RBC $316 JPM $270 Jefferies $298 Canacord $325 (226.90) Look for this to pop outta of the gate stock is already gapping to $228 I like to see 230-233+ then small pullback then look for a potential slow regain back up

$MRNS  Announce positive “PRELIM” Data (1.16) any pop at open consider all day fader on it, Gapped nicely but lacks volume and the work Prelim key word doesn’t help the stock  IMO just pop and fade lets see if volume kicks in at all

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