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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/7/17


1) $OSIS Told you all yesterday that this would rebound and to buy the bottom and expect defends (59.52)
Stock Gaping up +$4 pts I like this to continue, I wanted this to actually pull at open so I’m hoping it does just that and pulls at open to $60-$61 on overnight profit taking then we can go long on it. EIX pulled before launching up, if this pops at open look for a move thru $65+ then watch for the pullback on it then we go long on the curl, this is being defended all over after OSIS Statement

2) $DPW Earnings Plus News/PR (2.74) Told you all to BUY the dip yesterday at $2.60 area Now look
Stock Gaping up +1.00 I would like to see a small pop at open thru $4+ on short squeeze then look for a nice pullback today I feel we see $2.90 and under on it if it does, then watch for bottom curl then maybe we get to $4.50+ on it. Lets see how it sets up, a lot of investors pissed’ off the way they traded this yesterday so expect a pop and drop on this on weak hands

3) ******$TLRD Earnings Beat (17.19)
Stock gaping up +2.50 I would lean into this SHORT here at $19.50 room to $20.50+ at the open on short squeeze and expect this to gap fill back to $17.50 and under for quick and easy money. This is up this and with bag holder alot on it, I like to pop and pull it then bottom curl it then go long, should be fun to play. This is our $LE for today

4) $MRNS Gaping up on $SAGE Data (6.19) SHORT Sellers have fun this is up on someone else’s news, YOU all know what to do
Stock gaping up +1.60 I like to see this squeeze at the open towards $8 spot again or a tad more then look for lower lows to set in and then all dya faddddddddddder back to $6.50 and under, in the end this should come right back down imo, so watch for the pop and pull and fade it

5) ****$CONN Earnings Beat (31.50) CONN tends to fill there gaps Traders
Stock gaping up +$2.90 I love to see small pop at open towards $35 spot then lean into it SHORT and gap fill this back to $32.50 and under, CONN had good numbers BUT up thin and they tend to give back their gaps so watch for the frist pull and gap fill it for quick money

6) $TPX CONN pulling TPX (ouch) (58.18)
Stock gaping down -$2 already, IMO this will get hurt today should possibly see $53-$54 at the open if we do I would play the bounce on this one, and get a quick 2pts on short covering, IF this as all opens positive and pops at open to $57.50 area or more scale in SHORT and look for an all day fader also watch for Analyst may come out today and down grade this

7) $ROKU Pulled hard after making solid move yesterday (44.26)
Stock Gaping down -$1.25 would nibble some long at $43 spot play a nice pop out of the gate for 1 point or more then look for this to pullback quick and hard to $43 and under then bottom curl it then slow move to the upside, if this pulls at open to $41.50 area dont be afraid to go long, I think in the ened we get to $45 on this possibly today

8) LULU Earnings Beat (67.66)
Stock gaping up +$6 I like to scale in SHORT at $73.50 room to $75 at the open then lean into this short, LULU has a habit of gap filling and selling off there gaps so I like to see this pop a little then get in their and take it back to $68.50-$69 area then look for bottom curl then go long in the end this will sell off gap fill before legging up

9) $DG Earnings Beat (90.85)
Stock gaping +$6 I like to see this small pop at open CONFERENCE CALL in 30mins YOu all know what to do klean into it short an short it back down to $92.50 or under then go long as the call begins, so watch for the pull at open if you take some short now have room to $97-$98 at the open dont worry this should sell off into the call

10) $SAGE Phase 2 Primary endpoint met (91/90)
Stock gaping up +$59 POINTS Ok Traders once this breaks $157 imo that would be the SHORT I’m looking to get in and ride it down 10 to 15 points to the down side I will walk it with you all.

Notable Calls:

$EIX Buying the weakness down here at $66.60 will add on dips if they come and will hold I feel once the fires are out ands settled this should go right back up imo. I will be patient and add on dips. I will give it range as well. (70.00) if this hits $70-$71 i WILL BE OUT

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