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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/4/17

1) $EGBN Company came out and strongly defended themselves against the short seller (49.95) Said to overnight on Friday at $50
Stock Gaping up +$6 points I would like to see small pop at open followed by a nice sell off, I think this $56 will be sold off at the open towards $52-$53 if it does look to scale in a FEW LONG and bounce it 3-5 pts towards $59_60 on the upside.

2) $DPW Former Bitcoin runner already having some serious volume (1.83)
Stock Gaping up +.99 I would prefer small pop at open followed by a huge profit taking pullback at the open towards $2 spot and maybe under then look for bottom curl then look to go LONG on it. Should be fun, if this pops at open and flags thru $2.80 chase a few on the pop could run to $3.25 quick before pulling.

3) $XNET another day, another gap up (15.43)
Stock gaping up +$3.20 I would be scaling in short around $18 area room to $19 then look for this to gap fill on profit taking to $16.50 and under at the open, if this hits $16-$16.50 and under watch for bottom curl look to hit it long and play nice move to $18 on it once it starts to flag

4) ****PXS this look like another day to play on this, this isn’t over stock ran hard in Pre-Market (4.10)
Stock gaping up +.50 hit $6.50 in Pre-Market I would love for this to pop to $5.50 at the open then quick short squeeze to $6 then followed by a decent pullback on it to $4.25-$4.75 and under watch for bottom curl if it gets going with volume could see $10 on this today so lets keep an eye on this, alot of eyes on this, this morning from many who missed it on Friday

5) $ROKU Gaping up on No News (43.55)
Stock gaping up +$3 would short at $45 room to $46 ath the open gap fill it back to $44 and under then scale in LONG on a smlow move to the upside back to highs, ROKU loves to fill their gaps first after initial pop should be fun

6) $OSTK Gaping up on No News like Friday (42.30)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 I would lean into it short a little here at $44 level room to $45+ at the open then gap fill it quick to $42.50-$42.75 watch for bottom curl on it then look to go long back to $45-$46 nail the short then go long off the bounce

7) $RARE 48 week Positive Data Plus Jefferies out with a note with $72PT from $58 on today’s news (51.70)
Stock Gaping up +$3 RARE tends to fill there gaps first before legging up regardless of news, so I would wait for the quick pop at open to $55-$56 if it comes scale in SHORT and let this flush down to $52 and under if it breaks Friday’s close then let it flush more, I like to see this gap fill then go long for an all day slow move to the upside, stock has nice range on it today with good news

8) $MZOR reported CEO being questioned for insider Trading (57.83) “Being reported” Not being served notice??? sound like a gap fill
Stock gaping down $9 Points Just reading the headlines this is telling me this would move back to $55-$56 at the open or before then look for topping on it then slow all day fader, also look for CEO to make a statement early on so the news wont hit the stock that bad, I would prefer to see this gap fill at open then if it breaks $54 area lean into it short for all day fader.

9) $TRV Goldman Out with a Sell rating with $124PT (136.21)
Stock gaping up +$1 I would take a small piece at $137 area or under scale in short add on pops to $138 and look for an nice 4-6 point sell off on this, look at the last 5 days pure upside move look for more downside on this imo

10) $PANW William Blair out Positive on notes this morning (143.77)
Stock gaping up +$4 I would let this pop at open to $148+ area lean into it short gap fill it for a nice 2-3pt pullback if it hits $144.50 area and under look to go long on it for all day slow move to $150+

Notable Calls:

$WINS (if you can find shorts) look for this to open with a possible short covering squeeze from $50 to $70 to even $100 at the open trades really thin, but in the end this will end up slowly selling off all day long to $25 and under IMO risky trade but worth your eyes on it.

$SIG gaping down on CFPB Enforcement (51.99) down -$2 I would love to see hard pull at open to $47-$48 then bounce it long for gap fill then if this gap fills look to fade it all day back to lows. Should be fun with range

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