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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/17/17

1) $XGTI  Pays off all their debt from IMT acquisition Positive for the stock (2.19)
Stock gapping up +.20 should get a nice move on this today, look for any pull at open as a possible long entry for a slow move toward $2.75-$3.25 needs volume but news is positive and can get this stock moving

2) $AEZS  Maxim Tags a $10PT BUY rating (2.55)
Stock gapping up +.11 I like to see a nice pop and slow all day move towards $3-$3.50 on this call, I don’t normally like Maxim at all, however given the range of the PT doesn’t seem to have any harm taking a few for a potential slow all day move to the upside

3) $SN  2 upgrades this morning Canacord at $15 and another at $13PT (11.24)
Stock gapping up +.30 Look for any pullback at open as a buy opportunity I think this has 1 more day in it on a slow move to $13+ so watch for it. If it sells off at open let it flush to $10.75 or lower then scale in LONG

4) $FWP  Received 1.2 Billion Cash Licensing agreement from $BIIB (18.35)
Stock gapping up +$12 I like to short a few at $30 in Pre-Market on a slow fade to $27 when market opens, watch for a potential large short squeeze pop then wait for this to top off at $33-$35 IF it comes watch for the lower lows to set in then fade it down. Large gap to fill BUT news is HUGE an we need to see how this reacts at the open

5) *************$FN  Needham Tags a Strong BUY with a $56PT (36.71) SWING
Stock gapping up +$1.30 on no volume. I want this, this is HUGE upgrade, however stock was bought into on Friday into this call, so watch for the pop at open to $39++ then look for a decent profit taking pullback I like to see $36.50 or lower on profit taking, if $37 is rock bottom watch for the bottom then scale in long on this one for a nice swing idea to $40-$42+

6) **************$JWN Stifel Tags a Sell rating with a $40PT from $62 #WOW (44.20)
Stock gapping down $1 I would actually consider taking a few here at $43.19 with room to add at open towards $44 then look for topping on it and watch for an all day slow bleed out to $40-$41 on this call

7)  **$TIF  Retail Holiday Sales down 2% (81.92)
Stock gapping down -$3 I like to see this sell off today, so any initial pop at open towards $79.50-$80.50+ Watch for topping on it then look to scale in SHORT for a nice fader on it back to $76-$77 let it set up, expect some downgrades to come in the coming days on this

8) $AXP   JPMorgan Upgrades stock to Overweight with $90PT from $76 (76.62)
Stock gapping up .40 I would take a few here at $77.10 with room to add on ANY pullback at open and look for this to have a nice slow all day move to $78-$79+ on this call.

9) $NFLX  Mizhuo Tags a BUY rating with $152PT from $112 (133.70)
Stock gapping up +$1.50 I like to see a sell off to $133.80 or under then take a few long and look for an all day slow move to $136-$137 on this call. Should have a nice move on this. Any sell off today is a nice buying opportunity

10) $CMG  JPMorgan Tags a SELL rating with a $375PT (410.75)
Stock Gapping down -$5 I like to see any pop at open on short covering to $408+ look to scale in SHORT for an all day fader on this to $400 or less should sell off nicely, if this pulls hard at open to $398 or under watch for shorts to cover then  let it squeeze to $405-$408 then re-short it, either way IMO this fades

Notable Calls:

$DXCM  Oppenheimer Tags a $98 PT from $84 (85.13) Stock gapping +$1.75 I like to see small pop followed by a nice pullback bottom curl this around $84-$85 area then take a few long for possibly another slow day to $88-$89 on this, if this tops off on any pop at open then scale in a few short but keep it tight this is a nice upgrade

$ADHD  #FAIL  ($1.90) any pop at open on short covering to $1.25-$1.40 I would just re-short this, this is a Phase 3 Fail the worst type think this ends up just selling off all day to .75 or under imo

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