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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/6/17

1) *********$DCIX As a I stated yesterday this former runner isn’t done and showing signs of $DRYS (11.21)
Stock Gaping up +$4.5 Stock has more room to run today thru $20+ the spot to buy this morning was the $10 spot as it begin to move up. I like to see possibly $18 at the open then look for a massive sell off for a quick pull then we will watch the bottom curl and see if this can get going really nice this morning.

2) $TOPS This will be played out as sympathy Trade for $DCIX (.72)
Stock Gaping up +.28 I would let this pop little at the open then look for a decent sell off would love to see .80 cents and under watch for bottom curl volume and long it I will spot out the flags on it. Wait for this to set up nicely I would like to get this to $1.50-$2 today IF it starts to show me.

3) $ON Earnings slight miss (21.65)
Stock gaping down -.90 I would like to see small pop at open take this to $21.50-$21.75 then watch for topping on it then look to d an all day fader on it. I like the slight miss and would love to see this sell off today, if this pulls at open at all at the open look for a $20 flush or under then play a nice 1-2point bounce on it.

4) $TXMD Gaping up on Earnings and FDA Submit (4.36) I personally think this gap up is crap and should be sold off BUT let is show 1st
Stock gaping up +1.50 Lets see if this pops at open on short squeeze if it does look for a $7 spot on it then let see if it pulls down at the open from their and fills some gap I would prefer a pop and sell off on this for a fader but if this pops and flags with volume I will walk it up then let it sell off. Think more ATM possibly coming last one was Sept

5) $AMD Confirms New chip will be used in Intel INTC (11.12)
Stock gaping up +.75 I would like to see this pop a little more at the open then I will be eyeing the pullback and sell off on it to $11.50 and possibly under if this pulls and sells off to $11.50 and under go LONG, I love the news and this is needed for this company to take it back to $14+ but before the leg up let it set up first before we move it up.

6) $CAVM Possible Merger Talks (68.27)
Stock gaping up +$9 I would short this $77.50 level room to add at the open I think this gap fills back to $70-$72 or under think this is over blown and not enough confirmation so watch for the sell off on it on profit taking, the volume is thin NOT like QCOM this morning

7) $PAYC BofA Tags a BUY rating with $92PT (80.29)
Stock gaping up none…Watch for pop at open at $82+ then look for the pullback on it and snap it back to $81 and under, if you can get anything $81 and under look to go LONG the stock on it and play it to $85+ on this upgrade

8) $KORS Earnings Beat (47.62)
Stock gaping up +4.50 I like the beat BUT before this continues higher we need this to do some sell off, so I would consider taking a few short on the initial pop at open possibly thru $53+ or more then look for topping on it then look for a nice pullback bottom curl I like to see $50 spot or more then go long. also watch for afternoon upgrades today.

9) $PTC BofA Tags an UnderPerform with $60 PT (66.25) No volume or MM’s on it yet
Stock gaping none any open above $65+ look to scale in SHORT I like to see this open pop then all day fader on it, so wait for the set up if this opens low at $63 area look to go LONG play the pop then short it

10) $ULTI BofA Tags a sell rating with $187 PT (206.78)
Stock gaping none, anything at the open above $205 would look to short this so watch for anything you can get think this sells off all day so watch for it.

Notable Calls:

$TEVA gapped up.30 cents on potential Billionaire showing interest in the company looking to by 10% Stake (11.47) Stock gaping up .50 look for this to have a possible run to $12.50 or more before grinding out stock may get room to $13 if it pushes thru $12.50 spot so be careful if still trying to short the downgrades

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