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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/24/17

1) $MARA Congratulations to everyone that took Spartans call and played it and overnighted from $2 (2.18)
Stock Gaped up +$2.40 Great win in Chat, NOW if this pops at open and breaks $3.70 I would take a few lon g and chase it back to $4.50-$5 on volume pop, if this pulls hard at open on profit taking look for a $2.50 and under watch for bottom curl then take some long if the stock gets in play I will be all over it with Spartan


2) $QD Citi out strong on maintain BUY rating on it with $38.75PT (16.15)
Stock Gaping down -$2 I would nibble a few LONG at $14.50 room to add at the open if it pulls I think we get a decetn 2-3pt rebound on it. So let it push thru $15 to confirm another 1-2pts to the upside on it. I like the Citi notes so I’m favoring the long side


3) $SD Carl Ichan has taken a 13.51 Stake in the company (17.50)
Stock gaping up +$2.25 THIN I would take a nibble short here at $19.90 room to $21 at the open this is Carl Ichan aso this could pop more, but in the end I think the gap gets filled so watch carefully I’m looking on the short side of the play down to $18 and under when we get that then we go long on it.


4) $HMNY Company entered commercial Guaranty for Pay Payments thru Pal Pal (13.32)
Stock gaping up +.30 would take a few long on this news, think stock could pop to $14.50-$15 on shorts squeezing this Pay Pal connection is showing growth for the company, if this pulls hard at the open expect $12.50 and under then look to go LONG on it for a nice play


5) *******$NTNX Needham Tags a $45 PT 11/23 today RBC at $37PT (33.18) SWING IDEA
Stock gaping up +$1 I would take some SHORT here at $34.10 area room to $34.50 if it comes look for a nice profit taking gap fill back to $33.40 and under watch for bottom curl on it then look to go LONG should be fun to play today on it for more upside after the profit taking sell off


6) $NKTR BAYRY AG announced that INHALE did NOT demonstrate superiority of care plus (49.75)
Stock gaping down -$4.50 I like to see this pop at open to $48.50-$49 at the open then look for a nice SHORT on it, remember this is getting punished on another drug company not meeting endpoint they were looking for. These tend to fill their gaps first before shorting the stock on a fade.


7) $RIOT Another HUGE Spartan win from $9.25 LONG now $19 +10 pts on a SWING wow! (15.98)
Stock gaping up +$3 I like to see this pop a little at the open then look for a nice SHORT for a gap fill profit taking pullback to $16.50 and under then look to go LONG on it. If this pops at open look for a $20 spot or higher on it. before tumbling back down. This should gap fill quick on profit taking so watch the short side of the trade.


8) $SRAX Another day, another gap on it (5.82)
Stock gaping up +$1 I would like small pop at open then look for a nice .50-1pt short on it, fill the gap, I think more eyes will be on MARA this morning then SRAX being almost double the price so expect the short side of it and nail the pullback on it.


9) $XNET Another day another play (23.98)
Stock gaping up +$1.60 I like to see this have a small pop at open maybe towards $26-$27 on short squeeze then nail the downside of it gap fill it to $23 and under, I think this will gap fill and pull pretty hard once it breaks $24.50 gap fill it first then look for bottom curl on it then look to go long.


10) $RYB Serious allegations coming to lite involving Children plus they announce desperation BUYback of 50mil (26.71)
Stock gaping down -$10 I do not like the news at all, and the last minute buy back even tells me there desperate plus this already is below IPO price, so be careful to go long you must break $18 spot to the long side to get 1-2 dollars more on it towards $20, if this small pop and pulls this will flush to $14 and under real fast, let it set up I will walk every step with you on this one


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