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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/22/17

1) $CLNT enters an agreement with Marvel Finance swapping shares for ownership at $10+ for 51% interest (4.45)
Stock Gaped up +$6 should get past $10 on a squeeze would think $13-$14 is possible on shorts getting clobbered at open, However I do think this will sell off so wait for the standard chase and pop at open thru $13-$14 if it comes use ONLY 1/4 to 1/8 size watch for lower lows on the pull then look for a fader on it.

2) $GES Earnings Miss (17.95)
Stock Gaping down -$2 I actually would like to see a pop at open thru $16.50-$17 area if it comes then short it, if this pulls at open at $15 area or under look to go long and play a nice 1-1.5pt bounce on it. GES tends to gap fill before fading all day.

3) $BZUN Earnings Miss (35.54)
Stock gaping down -$2 I would love to see small pop at open on short covering then if this breaks $33 and under at the open look for a nice pullback sell off on it, this could slip hard to $28-$29 at the open, if this pulls hard go LONG and play a nice quick 2-3pt bounce on it. should be fun.

4) $MNK Look carefully at this note from Oppenheimer “WE are pulling coverage on this co, NO PT” (21.39)
Stock gaping down -.40 I would take some SHORT at $21.05 area add on pops and look for this to potentially sell off all day on this call I think we see teens on it. So let it pop if it does, but my bet the pop will be limited and this will fall today.

5) *******$NTNX Needham Tags a $45 PT on this stock with a nice BUY rating (30.20) SWING IDEA
Stock gaping up +.50 would take a few LONG here at $30.75 room to add if this pulls at open then look for a nice slow all day move towards $32-$33 on this call. Could swing it as well and see potentially $35+ on it in a week or so. I like the call, the upgrade and the stock seems cheap below $31 a share on this call

6) $SQ Gaping up on no news (48.06)
Stock gaping up +$1.80 would scale in SHORT at $49.50+ and look for a nice gap fill sell off at the open if this pops at all to $50 spot at the open would get in there and add a few more and then look to send this back to $48.25-$48.50 then watch for bottom curl then look to long on it back to Pre-Market highs, standard gap up, sell off bottom curl then go long like AAOI

7) $SIG Looking for a decent rebound on this today seeing multiple PT still around $60 or more (52.79)
Stock gaping up +$1.20 Just as I promised this would hit $54 in the morning to you all look to overnight this and get paid in the morning, if you listened you woke up to money over +$1 pts Now look for this to pop at open a little then look for a nice sell off on it back to $52 area maybe even lower, if it does then grab some LONG at $50-$51 area then go LONG and play 2-3 pts bounce.

8) $GME Earnings Mixed (16.73) this is a yoyo today seeing PT from $15 sell ratings to $20PT on BUY ratings
Stock gaping up +$1 I would like to see a pop at open if it comes thru $18 then lean into it short gap fill it back to $17.20 and under, GME tend to give back their gains so watch for the pop and drop on it. If this pulls hard at open to same area then go long on it. should be fun.

9) $AXTA another possible bid for the company with Nippon (33.87)
Stock gaping up +$2.20 I would love to see this pop some at the open maybe we see $37-$38 then look to lean into this short and gap fill this back 2-3 pts on the downside, I think this will pop and sell off, if this breaks $35 at open chase a few short and gap fill it back to $34 and under, then take some LONG

10) $DE Earnings Beat (139.23)
Stock gaping up +$7 I would like small pop at open on short squeeze then go SHORT and and short it into the ConfCall coming in 30mins then look for a solid bounce as the call begins, I think this is a nice beat but with upcoming call expect some selling off on this gap into the call

Notable Calls:

$SNPS RBC Tags a $110PT into earnings (89.38) watch for the pop at open to $91+ on it then wait for the pullback to $90 and under then look to go long for all day slow move to the upside

$D BofA Tags a $89PT (81.37) would try and grab any at $82 and under at the open and look for this to move 1-3 pts to the upside today. should be fun just wait for this to set up and go long on it

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