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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/21/17

1) $CLSN Oppenheimer Tags a BUY rating with $9PT (2.14) Took LONG last night on twitter at $2.50 Today woke up to Money
Stock Gaped up +$1.00 LOve the call now for those who already cashed out, stock May rip at open on chasers maybe to $4 spot, BUT will not rebuy unless we get a decent sell off on profit taking. This was a great Chatroom alert by Dave The Trader in Chat and Levi for announcing on Twitter, when I saw Levi put it out, I went LONG and I told everyone who follows me on Twitter what I was doing

2) $CYTK Phase 3 did NOT meet Primary Endpoint (11.10)
Stock Gaping down -$3 I like this to get gutted today and we $5 on it or under. This is a Phase 3 Miss and nothing can save this now, so if already in it look for more wreckage, if this pops at all at the open towards $8 or 9 look to shred this for all day fader

3) $ASYS Earnings Beat (14.12) Already seeing upgrades but this is a thin stock so profit taking already kicking in
Stock gaping up +.60 I would take some LONG here at $14.89 room to add at the open look for this to have a nice slow all day move to the upside towards $16-$16.50 or more. I think this weakness will be bought up so any real pull at open I would long it off the curl

4) $CMCM Earnings Beat (10.82)
Stock gaping up +$2 I love the beat but CMCM tends to sell off their gap ups so watch for a little more pop at open possibly thru $13-$13.50 then look for topping on it once it breaks down to $12.50 and under I would look to gap fill this for 1-1.5pts to the downside. I like to fill the gap on this to at least $11-11.25 area so wait for the conference call to finish and lets try and nail the short

5) $QD China to suspend approval on new on-line micro lenders (20.08) Alert given by IGOR at $19 to SHORT covers at $13
Stock gaping down -$7 points Obviously the bounce play was at $13 LONG should touch $17-$18 at the open so if you missed the alert in Pre-Market by the Awesome IGOR to short the news just wait for the short covering pop at open possibly thru $17+ area then look for lower lows on it then possible all day fader back to lows for a nice SHORT at this point wait for the set up for the SHORT side

6) $HRL Earnings Beat (33.40)
Stock gaping up +$1.10 Love the Beat but $HRL always sells their gaps so look to take a few SHORT here at $34.50 with room to add at the open towards $35 sell off into the Call then CCall is going go LONG and look for a nice slow move back to $35-$36 on it

7) $YRD Earnings Miss (45.10)
Stock gaping down -$6.50 If not already in I would be buying the weakness at $40 and under YRD when gets pulled normally will pop at open and fill their gap downs so look for a nice move towards $44+ at the open then look for this to sell off all day long once this breaks and lower lows set in should be a fader back to $40 and under.

8) $SIG Earnings disaster (75.84) Said last night this would sell off today and they would have terribleĀ numbers
Stock gaping down HUGE miss down -$16 Points already. I would look to nibble some long at $60 give it room to add at the open then look for a 3-5pt short covering pop at the open, I do think shorts will come in and squeeze this at the open would love to see $65+ on it then look to shred it all day as a short. Look for downgrades on it.

9) $A Earnings Miss (69.96)
Stock gaping down -$3 would love to see this pop at open to $69-$69.50 area if it comes then watch for topping then look to fade this all day long back to lows would love to see $65 and under on this. If this pulls hard at the open to $64-$65 watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it for quick 2-3 pts

10) $PANW Earnings HUGE Beat (142.53) Said this would beat last night before the close. IT DID +$13pts
Stock gaping up +$13 I would love for this to squeeze at open towards $160 then sell off on profit taking for a nice 5-7 pts pullback, if this pulls at open to $147-$148 at open look for this to go long some and back to highs wait for the set up on it

Notable Calls:

$KBSF Former runner being pushed on Twitter (5.43) up thin but gaping up +$3 I would look to see this pop at open towards $9++ spot then look for this to sell off hard snap it around $6-$6.50 if it comes bottom curl it then look to go long once higher highs set in. Wait for this to set up

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