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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/17/17

1) $DCIX Earnings Disaster BUT up 100% because we are in a SHORT squeeze Market (6.60)
Stock Gaped up +$6 Stock truly has NO business being up here, but we have to play the chart so imo I like to see this have a potential pop for a move to $14-$15 out of the gate followed by a serious pullback then we will watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it if we see the flags forming nicely, I’ll walk it up!

2) $VERI 8million 2nd coming (26.82) BlindTrade
Stock Gaping down -$1 would short $25.50 add on any pops out of the gate think this will sell off all the way to $20-$21 today on it so watch for a nice pull. If this yanks HUGE at open play the $20-$21 area and bounce it for 1-2 pts WE don’t know the actual price yet, but this will get hit on that.

3) $SPLK BIG HUGE BEAT (69.30) We predicted before the close this would beat HUGE and today we are rewarded that
Stock gaping up +$10 look for a decent squeeze at the open to $82-$83 if it comes, if it does this will come fast and then look for a decent 4-5pt pullback on it on profit taking, I would love to see this pull to $73 and under area then bottom curl then go long so let see how it sets up at the open for us.

4) $HIBB Earnings Beat (14.85)
Stock gaping up +$4.5 I would actually take a few SHORT here at $18.70 area room to $20 at the open and look for a slow sell off int the upcoming conference call in an hour. If this sells off nice at open for 1.5-2.5 pts look to cover it then when CCall begins look to go LONG on it for a nice solid move to the upside

5) $SCVL Earnings Beat (20.63)
Stock gaping up +$4 I would lean into this SHORT at $24.50 area room to add to $26 at the open look for a nice 2-3 pts sell off on profit taking at the open then watch for bottom curl bounce. This is up thin, but think this fills the gap before legging up on it, so watch the SHORT side of it.

6) $FL Earnings Beat BUT closing a ton of stores (31.85)
Stock gaping up +$9 I am seeing multiple downgrades and NEW PT reflecting LOWER around $34-$36 so I would be cautious on this, I would actually lean into this SHORT a small piece at $40.50 with room to add, this could go to $42 quick before we see a decent pullback but imo this shouldn’t be up this much look for a 3-4 pts pull if this breaks $39.50 at open I think we get the pull I want

7) $ROST Earnings Beat (65.69)
Stock gaping up +$5 I would like to see a short squeeze at the open if it comes to $72+ area then look to fade this, $ROST has a tendency to sell off their gaps so I would be eyeing the short side of this back to $67 and under before bottom curl and look to go long on it.

8) $WSM Earnings Mixed (52.87) This popped after hours to $54+ be wary of that
Stock gaping down -$5 I would like to see this pop at open to $49-$50 then look for a potential fader on it, if this pulls at all at the open then look for a $44-$45 on it and play a nice 3-4pt bounce on it. Should be fun

9) $ANF Earnings Beat (12.55)
Stock gaping up +$3.25 WOW!!! I would look to SHORT the pop out of the gate if this hits $14.50 at open get in their and gap fill this back to $13 and under ANF tends to fill their gaps quick on profit taking. If this pops at open expect $16.50-$17 on it before looking to give back the gains

10) $GPS Earnings Beat (27.48)
Stock gaping up +$2.20 I would lean into this SHORT with room to $30.50 at the open in case it squeezes more and look for this to have a decent gap fill pullback to $28 and under then bottom curl it long. $GPS has a lot of bag holders so watch for the small pop and drop on it

Notable Calls:

$AMAT Gaping up +$3.5 (58.21) Would lean into this short at $60.50-$61 at the open then look for a qucik 2pt pullback on it,. Should be fun

$TSLA would lean into it SHORT here at $327 area look to bring this down to $320-$322 at the open for a nice 4-5pts gain then cover and smile! “Blindfold Trade”


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