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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/16/17

1) $CADC Earnings Beat PIG PLAY (2.15)
Stock Gaped up +$4.45 Stock has momentum and can run towards $7-$7.5+ at the open HOWEVER watch for a major pull and sell off, this is purely getting squeezed out right now and with CHFS yesterday everybody is looking and hungry for the next one so when shorting it look for that lower low to set in around $5.90 and under and nail it short for 2 pts or more.

2) $LEDS Earnings Beat (6.39)
Stock Gaping up +$2.10 this morning I like to see a nice pop at open towards $9 again then look for a nice pullback snap on it then look for bottom curl around the $6.75-$7.25 area then possible slow all day runner to $10+ or more. Let it set up for us, if taking some LONG here YOU must give it range to $6.75 and under on the morning sell off from overnight profit taking so just be patient with it

3) $AXGN Private Placement of 1.7million shares at $21 a share (24.90)
Stock gaping down -$3 I would look to lock an load this long some at $21.50 and ANY pull at open I think we get this back up to $23-$23.50 today so I would really consider buying the weakness on this. 1.7million should fill quick.

4) $CSCO Earnings Beat (34.11) CSCO always always always fills their gaps so $36.50 nice Starter SHORT
Stock gaping up +$2.5 I would nibble some SHORT at $36.50 area room to add at the open Highest PT bumps I see is $39 so I would look to see this come back and fill the gap back down to $34.50-$34.75 or under then look to go long on an all day slow move back to highs.

5) $ROKU another day another gap up on the squeeze (39.92)
Stock gaping up +$2 this was gaping up +$3 this morning so I would like to see a pop at open if it comes out of the gat back towards $42.50-$43.50 then look for a pull on it, if this sells off under $40 at the open look to go long and play a nice QUICK 2-3pt squeeze for fast money this is a crazy stock so let it play out but if it pushes out of the gate got to go long on it.

6) $NTAP Earnings BEAT (45.82)
Stock gaping up +$6 Love the beat but imo UP too much, I would look to lean into this short around $52 area with room at the open on short squeeze to $53.50-$54 give it room cause once this snaps this will flush back fast to $47-$48 and under for quick points before curling back up so if this pulls at open chase a few cause the stock has room to $47-$48 and under on the gap fill

7) $LB Earnings Miss (49.26)
Stock gaping down -$3 I would love to see this pop back up at open to $48 then look for topping on it then look for an all day fader, I love the miss but need it to set up for us so if it gap fills to $48+ then look for to start your short on it, if this pulls hard at the open to $45 and under go LONG and play it their for a nice 2-3 pts short cover bounce on it.

8) $RH Earnings Beat (83.30)
Stock gaping up +$17 I would scale in some SHORT at $100-102 area I love the beat but up way too much so look for some profit taking on this back down at least 5-10pts or more, higher this pops at open dont be scared have wide range and allow this to come down there is alot of bag holders around $70-$80 area that will want to get paid today

9) $WSM Gaping up on RH Numbers (50.78)
Stock gaping up +$2 then MM put it back on $50.78 would take some below $51 and add on any pull at the open and look for a nice slow all day move to $54+ on this, so nibble some in Pre-Market LONG if you can get a few and ride it up all day based on RH what it has done.

10) $YY BoA out this mornng with a $140PT from $70 (111.39) WOW!!!
Stock gaping up +$4 I would look to watch this pop a few more points at open maybe thru $115-$116 lean into a few short gap fill it back to $111-112 then watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it. Should be fun with range today

Notable Calls:

$$CHFS gaping up +$3 I would love to see a sell off to $19 area the open go long on it if it breaks $20 spot look for a 3-4pt push towards $24-$25 then sell it and be done with it. Should be fun for quick money

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