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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/14/17

1) $ITUS has “executed” an agreement with Wistar (2.53) Really? Really? I executed an agreement last night I would eat dinner
Stock Gapped up +$1 Short Sellers enjoy any pop at open on Sheep chasing SHORT it imo back down to $2.50 and lower, doesn’t belong even close if taking now at $3.50 nibble some but prepared if sheep push this high in other chats due to lack of understanding the PR

2) $TGTX Interesting HC out with $35PT “assumed” Last week SunTrust out with $36PT (8.25)
Stock Gaping up +$.65 Normally I ignore assumed coverages BUT given this is the 2nd u/g to $35+ PT in the same week I can’t over look the gap up on this. Look for this to pop at open towards $9.50+ spot then look for a decent pullback on it like to get $8.75 and under then look to go long, I like to see this hit $9.50-$10+ on this today if we get decent volume behind it. Wait for it to set up

3) $HMNY Nice gap up and continuation from yesterday news (12.33)
Stock gaping up +.90 I like to see this pop at open 1 more time towards $13.50-$14 spot if it comes then wait for a nice pullback on it and look for a gap fill to $11.50-$12 spot I think this will pull harder and go below yesterdays 12.33 close, if it does let it pull as much as possible then we will nail the bottom curl on it and play this for a nice 1-1.5pts to the upside on short squeeze.

4) $SSYS Surprised Earnings Mixed beats by 4 cents misses on revs (20.12)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 Not impressed with the numbers would consider any pop at open as a short opportunity so look for this to gap fill back to $20.25 and under more it pops if it does better the short for us, if this pulls at open and gap fills right away to $20.50 and under cover your short and play the bottom curl back up for 1 point or more. Should set up nice for us

5) $ROKU Gaping up already for another move towards possibly $50 today imo (42.71)
Stock gaping up +$3.50 WOW I love this gap up but its up too much would love to see it settle down before the open to $43.50-$44 or under then we launch it, but if the bell rings and this opens and pushes thru $46.50+ long it quick for a move towards $48-$49+ before topping off and shorting it back to $45 and under. This is going to be wild so just wait for the set up on it.

6) $VERI announce the “immediate” availability of aiWARE (21.04) REALLY? immediate availability? Where was it before in the closet
Stock gaping up +$2.00 if this stock sneezes it pops, but this news is so stupid so imo any pop at open towards $23.50-$25 I would lean into it short and gap fill it back to $21.40 and under if this dumps at open quick cover your short and play a qucik 1 point bounce on it just because. Higher it goes at open consider it gaping up because sheep don’t understand the news.

7) $KLIC Earnings Beat (23.69)
Stock gaping up +$2.70 I like to grab a few SHORT here this gap up reminds me of $QD yesterday I like to see this gap fill back to $24 and under then bottom curl it then look to go long on it. More it pops at open better the SHORT note, the gap up is on thin stock not alot of buyers up here, so it may collapse quick so watch for the set up, if this pulls hard at open then gap fill then go long

8) $TJX Earnings Mixed (70.76)
Stock gaping down -$2.00 I would like to see a pop at open towards $71 or more then look to gap fill and fade it, if this dumps early at the open towards $65-$66 again watch for the bottom curl on it and look to go LONG. Something was said in the conference call trhat spooked investors so be careful this may just pull back hard, but if it breaks above $69 assume another 1-2pt push at open

9) $IGT Earnings Beat (23.85)
Stock gaping up +$3 I like to see small pop at open towards $27-$27.50 if it comes then look to lean into this SHORT and gap fill this back to $24.50 and under, if this breaks $26 on the downside then look to short this quick for 1-2pts and then cover, this is up on thin stock so imo this should sell off on a gap fill after the initial pop out of the gate

10) $AAP HUGE Earnings Beat (82.28)
Stock gaping up +$14.50 I like to see small pop at open on short squeeze possibly to $98-$100 would lean into it short and take out 5-7pts on the downside. If this breaks $93 at open think this gap fills to $88 area or under then bottom curl on it then look to long it.

Notable Calls:

$ORLY this is gaping up +$6 pts on $AAP #Earnings Look for a pull at open to $217 area look to go LONG on it for a solid move to $225 as $AAP moves higher. Should be a fun trade for us today with Range!

$MOSY gaping up huge on #Earnings look for a push at open to $2 spot then look for a nice 1point or more fade on it. Should be a fun one for SHORT sellers in chat today. #FORMER RUNNER


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