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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/13/17

1) $CREG Another day nice gap up in Pre-Market w/o offering yet this could have another day (5.85)
Stock Gaped up +$1.50 this morning all the way to $7.38 I would love to see pop and flag at the open thru $7 again if this dumps hard at the open watch for bottom curl under $5 this has decent volume already and looks like it wants to play with us again today. One to watch.

2) $NVFY HUGE HUGE Earnings Beat (1.77) Q3 Income of Nearly “900%” WOW, Volume really nice this morning as well
Stock Gaping up +$1 I would actually take some here LONG (nibble) at $2.80 give it .20 cents I would like to see this pop and flag at open and rush towards $3.50 mark or more then look for a decent sell off watch for lower lows and nail it short on the pullback if this pulls at open hard to $2 and under watch for bottom curl then potential long once flag breaks and shows itself

3) $CSX Goldman Tags a SELL rating with $45PT on this $50 stock (50.08) imo “Blindfold Trade”
Stock gaping down -.20 If you can nail anything above $49.50 now or at the open and add on any pop consider this an all day fader on it. I think we see a $46.50 handle on it or lower, should be a nice all day short imo after any initial pop. If this pulls hard at open watch the $47 area as a quick bounce then look to go long on it. Play the 2 pts bounce then short it.

4) $XNET Another Crazy day on this, this morning lots of range today (13.09) Think we see $15+ on this today
Stock gaping up +$.68 look to go LONG at open for a quick short squeeze pop, this caught a lot of shorts off guard hence the squeeze already forming, look for a potential pop thru $14.50 on it if it come then watch for quick snap and profit taking then after it settles look for bottom curl on it and expect more of a move possibly thru $15+ let it show you right at the open what it wants

5) $ROKU Gaping up already for another move towards $36-$38 area imo (33.25)
Stock gaping up +$1.70 I like to see small pop at open followed by some gap fill pullback at open to $33.50-.75 area or under then bottom curl it then slow all day move towards $36 or more today. I like this gap up a lot with volume think we see another solid move in it today but must wait for the pop and pullback and curl on it then lets take it long

6) $QD Earnings Beat (27.51)
Stock gaping up +$2.50 I like to see a nice small pop at open then look for a gap fill sell off on it back to $28 and under should happen quick then look for bottom curl on it then look for slow all day move back to highs. If this rushes thru $30+ at the open watch for topping on it and lower lows to set in then look for this to fade all the way back to $28 and under on profit taking

7) $NKTR reports first data for NKTR positive with OPDIVO (32.50) already see a $44PT from $27 with JP Morgan
Stock gaping up +$8 I like to see this pop more at open I like to see $42-$43 then look for a nice 3-5pt dips and sell off on profit taking their are alot of bag holders that will take advantage of this early big pop so watch for the break down if this pulls or sells off at open YOU must break that $40 spot then you get the additional 3-4 pts before settling. Should be fun

8) $WUBA Earnings BIG Beat (68.86)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 would like to see pop at open towards $71-$72 on short squeeze they beat pretty nice surprised its not up more, if this simply gap fills right at the open then look for a $69 and under bottom curl on it and look to go LONG for a slow all day move to the upside. Nice beat today.

9) $QCOM rejecting Broadcom’s bid wants higher (64.57)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 I like to see a rush at open maybe we get lucky and see $68+ then look for this to sell off on gap fill profit taking back to $65 and under, if this dumps hard at the open to same area would look to go long on the bottom curl More it pops better the gap fill short. so watch for it. either way pop or pull this is in play cause they want more and feel their value is more then offered

10) $CMG some actor says he got sick …LOL whatever (279.45)
Stock gaping down -$7 was down -$10 pts on this crap, I like to see a quick pop at open to $277+ on it then maybe we see a sell off on it back to lows, If this pulls hard at open then look for a $265-$267 bottom then we go LONG and play a 5pt bounce on it or more

Notable Calls:

$PBYI watch for any pull at open or flush to $98 and under then look to bounce this for 3-5 pts to the upside, if this pops at open to $106-$109 on it then look to short it and fade it back some

$GE Cuts their dividend and issues downside guidance (20.49) Stick a fork in it. Its time we finally see an $18 handle or lower on this, so watch for a quick pop a open to $20.50 or more then look to scale in short and let this drop huge all day. Will be choppy on the way down just be patient with it.

$TSN Earnings Beat would love to see this sell off at open and gap fill back to $74 and under then look to go long on it.

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