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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/11/17

1) $BIOC    Interesting stock has potential runner to $4+ on it WITH volume (1.81)
Stock gapping up +.70 One to watch with volume, volume is pretty big this morning so watch for early morning pop at open possibly thru $3 then look for a nice profit taking back down to $2.10 or under watch for bottom curl then scale in LONG wait for it to set up

2) *****$WRD  Raymond James Tags a STRONG BUY with $24PT (14.51)  SWING IDEA
Stock gapping up +.25 Took a few at $14.75 will add on dips at the open and look to possibly hold to $16-$17 on this call

3) $ETRM   Another Volatile Day on the stock (17.70)
Stock gapping down -$5 will be eyeing this one again this time room to $30 off bottom curl, so watch any aggressive pull at open and if we get that curl look for a nice 5 point move + If it sells off I think $15-$17 could possibly be the bottom

4) $SGNL  Possible 1 more day on it in play (17.48)
Stock gapping down -$2.50 I like to see this possibly pop at open back thru $16-$17 then watch for a nice pullback on it, could end up just topping and lower lows set in and we end up fading it all day back to $10-$11 or under.

5) $ICHR   Earnings Blowout (13.40)
Stock gapping up +$2 I like to see this small pop at open then look for a nice SHORT on profit taking back down to $13.60 or under, a lot of investors have been holding since the upgrade we called at $10.49 to go long, if this pulls at open on profit talking to same area go long

6) $AKAO   Baker Brothers Take stake in company (15.46)
Stock gapping up +$1.25 I like to see this pop a little more at open back thru $17+ then watch for topping then look for potential fade on it back to $15.75 or under, if this dumps at open watch for bottom curl at $15.75 or under then scale in LONG should be nice today

7)  WPZ   Wells Fargo BUY rating $42-$44  Raymond James Strong BUY $44PT (38.62)
Stock gapping up NONE watch for a pop thru $39+ then wait for the pullback this may have a nice 1-2point move on it so watch for it to pop and pull back then look for a nice solid entry on it I would love to grab anything at $38.75 or under stock has room to $40

8) $ACIA  Needham pounding the table to buy on weakness  puts $125PT on it (57.75)
Stock gapping up +.20 would take a few here LONG at $57.75 add on dips at the open if they come and look for a potential move to $59 on this. If it pulls hard expect a nice 1-2pt pop on it

9) $SIG   Terrible Holiday Numbers (87.46)
Stock gapping down -$4  2 ways this pulls hard at open to $80-$81 play the bottom on it and short cover it LONG back to $83-$84 If this pops at open to $86+ area scale in SHORT watch for topping and look for an all day bleeder on this. This should get hurt today on these numbers

10) *****$PANW  Wells Fargo Tags a BUY rating and OUTPERFORM with $190-$200PT (134.68)  Left Citron still $170PT  SWING IDEA
Stock Gapping up +$1 I like to see a nice pop at open to $136-$137 then eye any decent pullback on it and look to scale in a few LONG btwn Left and Now Wells Fargo I think this stock has some room to run a little towards $140+

Notable Calls:

$TGTX   completion on enrollment  LOL LOL LOL Really (5.00) IMO any pop at open is a short opportunity. Its like saying TGTX complete their homework….Really

$ENPH  10Mil Private Placement (1.13) Gapping up +.23 watch for a quick pop at open to $1.50+ then watch for topping then possible fader on it, if this pops at flags look for this to possibly run this morning towards $2+

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