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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/10/17

1) $CREG Another day this is the 2nd Day get to play it (3.75)
Stock Gaping up +90% I like to see a quick pop at open on the short squeeze like to see thru $8 if it comes then look for the nice profit taking sell off then we wait for the bottom curl with volume on it then we nail possibly 1 more move on it to $10 spot if this pulls and lower lows set in look for the stock to fade slowly all day back to $4.25 and under.

2) $IMMU Earnings Beat (10.44)
Stock Gaping up +$1.25 I like to see a small pop at open on this thru $12 spot or more then watch for topping then slow fader back to $10.60 and under on profit taking, This is up thin so watch for pop and pull if this pulls at open to same area then look to go long the stock on the $10.60 and under on it

3) $SOGO 2nd day of an IPO (13.50)
Stock gaping up +$1.10 I would prefer this to pull at the open after small pop then look for a $13.25-$13.50 or under spit go LONG then look for the stock to rush fast back to pre-market highs possibly touch $15 before fading off. Will be fast so be aware

4) $OMER Earnings Beat (14.09)
Stock gaping up +$2.00 I like to see small pop at open maybe another .50-1buck then look for topping on it then short it and fade it back to $14.50 and under if this pulls and dumps at open (stock is up thin) then look for a decent sell off to $14.50 and under watch for bottom curl on it then look to go LONG for slow all day move to the upside.

5) $ROKU Gaping up on 2nd day of Great Earnings report (29.19)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 I would love for this to sell off after small pop at open and gap fill at least to $29.40 and under then watch for bottom curl then go LONG for a solid move to $32+ on it. wait for this pop and set up this is up strong with volume so just wait for it it will give us a nice play on it with range once the bottom sets in

6) $AMDA Spartan as always caught this way early this is a 1:12 split (.31) Now $2.31 RISKY TRADE Play this with Caution
Stock gaping up $2.10 I like to see this pop hard at open and run thru $5-$5.50 spot then look for a decent pullback and sell off on it then look for a bottom curl around $3-$3.50 with some volume on it then look for a play possibly run on it with volume to the upside. Reverse splits like these give us nice range plays

7) $DVAX FDA approval (20.05)
Stock gaping up +$4 FDA approval means gap fill short in Awesomecalls if you got $23-$24 then enjoy the ride to $20 and under on profit taking, if this pops at open aggressive just laugh at it scale in short and ride it right back down, My goal is to see a 20 handle on this again

8) $CAR Up on $HTZ numbers (33.90)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 would look to lean into this short here at $35.40 area room to $36 at the open then look to flush this back to $34.25 and under then bottom curl on it then look to go long on it. If this dumps at open cover your short then look for bottom curl with same area and go long on it.

9) $TTD Earnings Miss (59.28)
Stock gaping down -$8 I would actually nibble some LONG here on TTD at $51 have wide range room to $49 on this, seeing alot of defenses out this morning so I’m looking for this to rebound at least back thru $53-$54 on it today. More it pulls at open better the bounce and the range on it. Should be fun be patient with it and it should pay us nice.

10) $PBYI Earnings and Revenue miss (127.20)
Stock gaping down -$18 pts I would love to see a little bounce at open to $114-$116+ on it on short covering then look to fade this back down on it. If this pulls at the open hard let it flush to $105-$107 area or under then go long and play a nice 3-6pt bounce on it. Should be fun.

Notable Calls:

$BAND IPO Priced 4million at 20 I think the valuation here is too much so I will wait to see if this opens nice with at least 400-700 shares at $21+ if it does I will be looking for the pullback at open I would love to see this flush down a few points before getting in, I like the IPO but I still feel this priced way to much.

$HTZ Earnings Beat (20.01) Gaping up +$3 I like to see a nice pop at open possibly thru $24+ then watch for a decent short on it with a pullback back down to $21 and under then look to go long, wait for this to sell off some before going long on it,its already p +$3 so wait for the pop an drop on it. ht


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