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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 11/30/17

1) $SHLD   Nice #Earnings numbers beat by +$1.82 (4.21) Broken down stock 
Stock Gaping up +$1.25 I like the beat but SHLD tends to fill there gaps, so if this pops at open on short squeeze I like to get to $6.50 or more then top it off then look to fade it, if this pulls at open hard gap fills to $4.50-$4.60 watch bottom curl then go LONG this should be fun today.
2) $MYSZ  Penny Play with News on upcoming Las Vegas event suggesting they have Breakthrough Tech (.66)
Stock Gaping up +.50 stock looks like every penny chat will chase this, so watch for a quick pop at open towards $1.35-$1.50 if it comes then eye the nice pullback on it on profit taking, watch the volume If I see huge blocks on this and it takes off I will be walking this straight up LIVE so lets see how it opens, but lack of cheap plays so I think cheap chatrooms will chase this noise
3) $RYB  Earnings Beat (20.33) HOWEVER they did NOT address the allegations in there CCall kind of stupid imo 
Stock gaping up +.60 I would consider nibbling some here at $20.90 area room to add at the open I think with now Earnings out we get this back to $23 a share, if this pulls hard at open to $19-$19.50 I would buy on that weakness and play the 2pts to the upside on it
4) $BOX  Earnings in-line (21.94) 
Stock gaping down -$1.50 I would take a few LONG at $20.40 area room to add at the open then look for a quick short covering squeeze at the open to $21-$21.50 area then look for a nice all day fader on it, if this pulls hard at open to $19 area or under go LONG and play the bounce, imo I think this short covers at open with 1PT pop or more then look to fade it back down
5) $ROKU  Another day another gap up (44.87)
Stock gaping up +$1.40 I like to see this pop more at open towards $46.50 maybe even $47+ then look for the gap fill pullback on it to $44.50 and under then look to go LONG on it for another slow all day move to the upside.
6) $KR  Beat top and bottom (24.38) 
Stock gaping up +$3.10 WOW impressive I like to see a little more short squeeze at open towards $28+ then notice the ConfCall in 30mins I would like to see this sell off into the call 2-3 pts then look for the call to happen and go LONG again back to highs. This was beaten down hard 3 months ago from WFM think today they get some redemption
7) $GPS  Citi cuts this to SELL with a $28PT (32.50)
Stock Gaping down -.80 any POP at the open is a SHORT imo if you start now at $31.60 have room to add at the open I think we see $30 and below on this, if this pulls at open hard to $29-$30 play a nice bounce on it for 1-2points
8) $GWRE  Earnings Mix (76.96) Citi says that any pullback is a BUYING opportunity 
Stock gaping down -$2.96 I would nibble some LONG at $74-$74.50 area add on any dips Look at the bIG pictue with Citi comments and I think after any initial sell off this will rebound and we see $77-$78 on this today. so wait for the set up if you want to nibble a few LONG now just know it could pull down cause of the gap down a little more but watch that bottom curl off the bottom
9) $SNPS  Earnings Beat (86.77) 
Stock gaping up +$10 I think this is up too much I would be eyeing the sell off on this, so if this pops at open towards $96-$97 at the open on short squeeze watch the topping first pullback I would be short this and take it down at least 4-6pts on profit taking gap fill.  If this dumps at open the cover your short and look for bottom curl slow move back to highs. Let it set up
10) $XNET  Congratulations to Spartan on hitting his $11.10 PT from $26 SHORT (12.80)
Stock gaping down -$1.40 I would prefer to see a quick pop at open towards $13+ then look for topping on it the short it back down for an all day fader, However if this pulls hard at open to $10 spot I would go LONG and play a nice short covering bounce on it.
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