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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 10/9/17

1) $CLNT entered exclusive agreement with Inspirit Studio regarding “potential” acquisition¬†(3.32) STUPID
Stock Gaping up +$1 I would love to see sheep chase this stupid headline to $6-$6.50+ then look for this to fade all day long. back to $3.55 and under.

2) ****$PTCT JPM Tags a Underweight rating and lowers the boom from $23 to $15 (19.63)
Stock Gaping down -$1.63 2 ways to play this down here, Stock to pull at open quick to $17 area or under then strong bounce to $18.50-$18.75+ then scale in SHORT for an all day fader on it, if this pops at all at the open and touches $18.90-$19+ area scale in SHORT for an all day fader on it.

3) $MULE Goldman Tags a BUY rating with $26PT from $24 (20.36)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 I would nibble some SHORT here at $21.75 room to add at open and look to gap fill this back to $20.50 or under then bottom curl it go LONG for an all day slow move back to highs

4) $FLXN Needham Tags a $42PT from $36 (29.93)
Stock gaping +1.25 I would prefer to see this pop and dump at open and fill some more gap on profit taking this hit $32+ in Pre-Market might pop and do it again, if it does let it push quick out of the gate then look for this to flush down fast $29 area or under then scale in a few long and look for a potential all day slow move to the upside

5) ******$MZOR see Q3 aqbouve expectations (50.17)
Stock gaping up +$5 I would take some short here at $55 level room to add at open towards $57 look for quick gap fill snap to $52 and under then bottom curl then slow move back to highs, this is great news but lets fill the gap first some for easy money

6) $VIAB Citi Tags a SELL rating with $24 PT from $33 (26.30)
Stock gaping down -.80 this will get hurt on this call today expect stock to hit below $25 on this call, I would consider taking a few SHORT here at $26.30 room to add at the open watch for topping then look for slow all day fader to $25 and under.

7) $KTWO lower guidance (21.78)
Stock gaping down -$3.50 wow, look for some gap fill short covering at the open towards $19.50 area or more then watch for topping then all day fader on it, I think this pushes out of the gate on short covering then fades, if this pulls hard at open to $17 area or under look to play a quick 1-2pt bounce on it.

8) $BTI upgraded to BUY at Goldman Sachs (62.33) They note to buy on weakness and today would be an opportunbity
Stock gaping up +$.80 I like the call from GS would take some LONG here at $63.14 add on dips then look for this to have a solid move to $65 today on this call. Just nibble and add on gap fill weakness.

9) $ATVI Cowan tags a $66 PT downgrades the stock (63.25)
Stock gaping down -$1.50 2 ways to play this, this pops at open back to $62.75-$63 area then look to fade it all day long back to lows, or this pulls hard at open to $59-$60 spot then go long for 1-2pts to the upside

10) $VERI Ceo makes statements today he is looking to BUY 2 companies also saying his stock is way undervalued with 30% upside (37.03)
Stock Gaping up +$1.45 I like to see quick rush at open towards $39-$40 then look for a pullback on it then watch for bottom curl then go long for all day slow move to the upside, if this pulls hard at open to $36-$37 then look to go LONG on it for quick money



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