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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 10/6/17

1) $SNCR PAYDAY!!!!!! Having exclusive agreement with SIRI Capital Group (10.72) WE all had this on Swing at $9-$10
Stock Gaping up +$3 I like to see this pop and squeeze thru $14-$15 handle at the open then look for some decent pullback on it on profit taking then look for bottom curl then go LONG, if this pulls at all at open to $12.50 handle look for bottom curl

2) $XXII Former rubber reveals positive findings leading to less stress and harm (3.07) REALLY??? LOL
Stock Gaping up +$.50 Look for Chatroom sheep to chase this today, should be fun I think news is lame, but would love to see a solid pop at the open thru $4 if we get it watch for topping then look for an all day slow move fade on it.

3) $HMNY gaping up on another squeeze day on it today (14.25)
Stock gaping up +$1 I would like to see a small pop at open maybe $15.40+ then watch for a slam on it back to $14 and under watch for bottom curl then look to go long towards possibly $15.50-$16 should be fun.

4) $RYTM Yesterdays successful IPO (30.00)
Stock gaping +2 beautiful pre-market pop from $30 to $32.13 Look for this to pull at open if possible towards $30 and under at the open then watch for quick whiplash back to $32+ possibly then possible run on it then we top it off towards $33-$34 if it comes then watch it fade and be down with it, I would like us to be done with this quick so keep an eye on the open

5) $CAPR Announce positive Data on the HOPE-2 Trial (2.81) Think this is the Low Floater pig for today
Stock gaping up +.40 I like the news and the Pre-volume would take a few long at $3.10 area look for possible pop at open to $4 spot or more then watch for decent pullback and curl on it , i would love to see this come down to $3 and under if it does then watch for curl WITH VOLUME then we nail it, we need to see the money come in on the curl then we get an all day move to the upside

6) $YUMC Earnings Mixed (39.97)
Stock gaping up +$.50 was up over $41 in Pre-Market I like the mixed earnings would nibble some at $40.50 add on dips add on dips at the open then look for potential all day slow move towards $41+ on it. Upgrades coming in around $45-$50PT so once this pops pulls and settles should have an all day slow move up

7) $ICPT gaping down but no apparent news to see play the gap (72.76)
Stock gaping down -$4 I would take a few LONG here at $68.75 room to add at open if a pull comes and look for a nice 2-3pt bounce on it, this gapped up to $74 so I think we get another play on it. More it pulls if it does better the rebound for us.

8) $BTI gaping up +$1.40 on news that I see (61.38)
Stock gaping up +$1.40 I would short this gap up here at $62.50 area add on any pops at the open look for a gap fill back to $61.50 or under then look to go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside. If it pulls at open and fills the gap then consider to go long on it

9) $SHOP another day another gap down (100.43)
Stock gaping down -$2 I like to see a pull at open back to $95 area if it comes or lower then play a nice 2-3pt bounce on it, if this pops at all at the open then look for $101-$102 area then look to fade it should give us another day of pop and pulls

10) $COST Earnings miss (167.07) Multiple d/g seeing $155 areas
Stock Gaping down -$9 I would take a few LONG here at $158 room to add at the open nibble like to see some sort of short covering to $160-$162 at the open before fading it, if this pulls harder at open I think $155 would be the bottom on it.


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