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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 10/3/17

1) $ECYT WOWZA nice overnight from $2.95 this morning +$6 (3.63)
Stock Gaping up +$2.50 I would like to see a little squeeze at open MAYBE to $6.25+ then look for a decent pullback on it with massive profit taking, love to see $4.5 or under then look to go LONG on bottom curl should be fun

2) $TTS Issues horrible guidance disappoint earnings (13.20)
Stock Gaping down -$4.40 2 ways look for a small pop at open on short covering to $10+ then watch for topping on it then slow fade on it, if this pulls at open to $7 and under look to play a decent 1-2pt bounce on it, Definitely in play to watch!!!

3) $VICL FDA has advised that VL-2397 could be eligible “assuming” successful outcome (2.56) STUPID STUPID STUPID
Stock gaping up +$1.00 Let the sheep chase this to $4-$4.5+ at the open, I think this is simply a pop and fade all day back to $2.65 and under

4) $URBN DB tags a SELL rating with $19PT (23.99)
Stock gaping down -.89 would actually take a few here short at $23.10 add on pops at the open look for quick pop and top then imo all day fader to $21.50 or under. I think this gets a little hurt today on the call.

5) $ZGNX 6.7million shares at $37.50 (38.90) Should be a quick quick fill
Stock gaping down -$1 I would buy a few at $37.35 area and if it hits $36.50 add on it and look for a nice play back to $39-$40 if you buy on the weakness today.

6) $VERI CEO Chad Steelberg discloses 37.9 active stake (49.71)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 Look for this to push out of the gate to $53-$54 area if it comes then look for a decent pullback on it then look for a quick 2-4pts pullback on it then look for a quick slow all day move back to highs, this will be quick and fast imo

7) $KOOL announces US Patent issued notice of allowance of its application (3.60) Really Really Really
Stock gaping up +$1 watch for quick pop at open possibly thru $5 then look for this to fade back down to $3.75 and under, patents get chased at first then look to fade it back all day imo

8) $GM BofA Tags a BUY rating with $57PT from $40 (42.15) This is a slow slow slow slow trade
Stock gaping up +.35 would buy anything around $42.55 area or under add on dips think this will be a slow slow slow mover towards $45 on this upgrade and new PT

9) $EXAS Canaccord issues NEW PT form $45 to $60 (47.94) This was bought into yesterday so look for this to gap fill some
Stock gaping up +$1.50 I like to short this $49.50 area add on ANY pop at open towards $51 and look for this to slide back to $48 and under on gap fill, I have been sitting on the ask all morning for a starter and NO fills so I will wait for pop on it I think this will be quick money so watch for the pop and pull and gap fill to $47.50 and under imo

10) $AVXS +Phase 1 Data + UBS tags a NEW PT to $122 form $95 (95.76)
Stock Gaping up +$5 I like to see quick pop at open to $102-$104+ area then look to grab a few short since its up on air then gap fill this back to $97 and under then go long, if this pulls at open to $97 and under watch for bottom curl then go long on it.

Notable Calls:

$YY Look for continuation on yesterdays BofA call (90.13) Gap +$1.20 Wait for a pullback to $90.50 and under go LONG for an all day slow move look for $92-$93 on this today

$AAOI Look for more continuation to the downside a lot of concerns coming from analyst all to the downside (64.52) Gaping down -$4 I would like to see small pop at open to $64+ then look for this to pull and fade back to $61 and under, if this yanks hard at open to $58-$59 play quick bounce for a 2-3pts the re short it

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