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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 10/11/17

1) $IDXG Former Pig PR reimbursements of ThyGenX will increase by 40% (1.54) LOL
Stock Gapping up +.22 would take a few here LONG at $1.75 area room to add on dip think this could pop at open thru $2 then look for a possible push, if this pops and quickly shows lower lows then would simply just short it back down to $1.60 and lower

2) ****$HMNY cont gap another day another rush in the stock shorts getting killed (27.89) Nice over night
Stock Gaping up +$6.50 room to $40+ on this. Like to see a pop at open a little more to $34.50-$35 area then watch for a massive pull, big pull will come then wait for the bottom curl on the pull back then watch for the flag the nail the 2-4pt pop and run on it.

3) $CUDA Earnings Miss (25.74) JPM says BUY on weakness
Stock gaping down -$2.50 would take a few LONG at $23 level room to add on any solid pull at the open expect a close to $24-$24.50+ on the bounce back, CUDA always sells off then gets bought up on weakness, more it pulls better the bounce on it.

4) $ANGI Goldman out with a BUY rating with $14PT (11.55) should get the stock to $12.50 on this call
Stock gaping +.50 watch for quick pop and snap at the open then look for a nice long at $11.65 or under then scale in and rock it back thru $12-$12.50 should be good enogh for .50-$1 move for us today

5) $FLXN 4million offering as predicted 3 days ago they would do, today is buy on weakness (27.17)
Stock gaping down -$1 I like to see this pull hard at open to $25 area then garb a few long and add on dips think this gets filled quick and we send this back to $28-$29 so keep an eye on this, if this breaks back up to $26.80+ area look for this to flag and run back to $28-$29

6) $CLSN another day another play in this low floater pig (4.60)
Stock gaping up +.50 think this will be short lived so you short sellers in here watch for any pop at open on sheep chasing watch for the lower lows to set in then look to fade this stock back to lows think offering is coming soon hence the push up today with volume

7) $DAL Earnings Beat (52.70) told you all yesterday they would beat today
Stock gaping up +$1 I like to see this pop a little more at the open thru $54 or a tad more then look for this to sell off into the ccall coming up in 40mins then look for an all day slow move to the upside on it, should be fun once the call is over with

8) $AERI Releases positive news in Briefing documents in meeting (55.35) I have some old documents too to share…LOL
Stock gaping up +$5.50 I like to see this pop and sell off today back to $56.50 or lower, I am sure the documents have great news, but they are not FDA approvals, just a lot of hope and maybes so watch for the pop and fade once lower lows kick in should be an all day fader on it.

9) $SHOP another day in it for us (92.57)
Stock gaping down -$1.40 I like to see this pop back at open possibly to $93-$94 area top it off then look to possibly fade it back down, if this pulls hard at open to $90 or under go LONG and play the nice 2-4pt bounce should be fun on it

10) $ROKU I like the gap up on this for a nice day to trade it with range (22.93)
Stock gaping up +$1.20 I like to see pop at open then look for decent gap fill pullback to $23 spot or under then scale in LONG for an all day slow move to the upside on it should be fun for 1-2pts

Notable Calls:

$HDSN Earnings Miss (7.57) gaping down -$1.20 would buy some here at $6.40 area room to add at open to $6 or under look for a .50 to 1 point bounce on it



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